Cheap Leases Won't Save Volkswagen, But A Wagon Might

Why drive a Corolla when you can have a German sedan for less than $100 per month? Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen Jetta leases are $89/mo in some areas of the country, but is it really a deal if it’s a car no one wants? Perhaps VW should shred the cheap car image and look to a longroof to regain some sales.
» 6/01/15 8:40pm 6/01/15 8:40pm

How to Turn Your New Car into an Adventuremobile

I just bought the first car I've owned in 13 years and decided to break it in properly over the weekend. Ingredients for this adventure included: Death Valley, being naked around your friends and a bunch of crusty hippies, hot springs, Unimogs full of twinks, mushrooms and 125 miles of off-roading. » 2/16/15 7:46pm 2/16/15 7:46pm

Clever fellow sends text messages to start his car

Our pals over at Make posted this article about Will O'Brien, and how he took an old iPhone, an Arduino, and a handful of electronic crap and made a remote starter for his Subaru Outback that lets him start his car with a text message. The link to his site gives a full schematic of how it was done, and he's made the… » 12/29/11 12:30pm 12/29/11 12:30pm

Yes, That's A Subaru Outback On The Track!

Can you get a running Subaru Outback for under 500 bucks? Having a team full of accountants means that you can do some Enron-style bookkeeping and put a smile on the LeMons Supreme Court Justices' faces with your very convincing documentation (however good that theory seemed, it didn't quite work out quite that way in… » 8/24/08 3:00pm 8/24/08 3:00pm

Quadrazontal Success! Sexazontal Time! Flying Wing! Subaru in Detroit!

Subaru, flush with the success of a first-time 200,000-units-sold year in the United States, introduced the new "Flying Wing" front end design on the Legacy and Outback, a look which will eventually replace the unloved Flying Vagina grille across the line, we imagine. The Subies claim that that the new grille design… » 1/08/07 1:30pm 1/08/07 1:30pm

Paris Preview: Subaru Outback Facelift Uncovered

We — and the rest of Europe's motoring press — be getting our first view of the facelifted Subaru Legacy Outback, which went on sale in Japan earlier this year. Once described as "aggressive blandness" (hmm) the new design will appear in the continent's forecourts in the fall, when the new model arrives for sale.… » 9/01/06 10:37am 9/01/06 10:37am

If You Want Me, Give Me a SI: 2007 Subarus Get Intelligent

As Subaru reps said at the New York auto show last April, the company is launching its SI-Drive system for the 2007 model year. The system's three-position knob lets drivers adjust engine performance for driving needs and conditions — from economical to sporty. Driving modes include "Sport Sharp," which delivers the… » 8/08/06 3:38pm 8/08/06 3:38pm

Facelifted Legacy and Outback: Effective Immediately...In Japan

Interestingly, on their restyled Legacy and Outback models (due out in Japan as of right now), the cats at Fuji Heavy Industries have decided to forego the Flying Vagina nose treatment in favor of a somewhat more restrained look that seems to recall Mazda, Ford and Acura all at once. In other words, it's a melange of… » 5/24/06 4:00pm 5/24/06 4:00pm