Volkswagen Had To Decide To Cheat More Than Eight Years Ago: Report

While Volkswagen’s cheating on emissions tests is pretty much common knowledge at this point, a whole bunch of questions remain unanswered. One of those is how long the company’s been doing it, and how long it planned to do it. Thanks to a German minister’s interview with Reuters, we now know that the answer is… »9/24/15 2:52pm9/24/15 2:52pm

Volkswagen Admits 'Defeat Device' On 11 Million Engines Worldwide, Sets Aside $7.2B

Things just went from catastrophic to apocalyptic as Volkswagen just admitted that the emission test cheating engine management software at the center of the Dieselgate controversy is installed in 11 million Volkswagen Group cars worldwide. They also say they’ll set aside $7.2 billion in just the third quarter to… »9/22/15 7:12am9/22/15 7:12am

Volkswagen Chairman Piech Loses His Head In Bid To Take Winterkorn's

Ferdinand Piech, supposedly all-powerful scion of the Porsche-Volkswagen extended family and Volkswagen board chairman, quit abruptly earlier today as it has become clear his attempt to oust current VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has failed and much of the rest of the board has turned him. This is a big deal. »4/25/15 1:34pm4/25/15 1:34pm

Come Again: Scirocco May Just Show Up in the States After All

Last week we shared with you the sad news that Volkswagen dealers whined loudly enough about potentially lost GTI sales to keep the Scirocco off of US soil. This week we're telling you, "not so fast." According to Motor Authorityby way of Autoweek Bossman Martin Winterkorn is flexing his VAG muscles and telling whiny… »5/02/07 8:07pm5/02/07 8:07pm

It's Expected, He's Gone: Bernhard No Longer to Represent Vee Dub

Shock of shocks! After being passed over for the HMIC/Lord of All He Surveys at Volkswagen in favor of Herr Doktor Martin "Your vife, my vife" Winterkorn, it looks more and more like Wolfgang Bernhard will be bailing on the boys from Wolfsburg, making him a prime candidate to replace Tom LaSorda at Chrysler. However,… »12/29/06 6:15pm12/29/06 6:15pm