Commenter Of The Day: Hoon's Best Friend Edition

What would Leap Day Celebration be without several appearances from our canine friends, joining in the hoonin' fun? Dog's are profound leapers, anyhow, from Air Bud to those awesome hounds from the Great Outdoor Games to a spring-loaded terrier I had for a while in the '90s. Sometimes, however, a dog gets into a little … » 2/29/08 6:15pm 2/29/08 6:15pm

Hoon Of The Day: Leap Day Edition

We've brought you some of the best Leap Year themed jackassery we could find today, and now it's your turn to decide which one takes todays hoon of the day crown. We realize that whittling down such stupidity to a clear and decisive winner may be a bit much to ask, but we have a feeling you have it in there somewhere.… » 2/29/08 6:00pm 2/29/08 6:00pm

Professional Hoonage: A History Of Rally Jumps

Ok, enough of all this drunken amateur Leap Day hoonage. I mean, I've got nothing against hosers Canadians killing time up in the great white north; but I think it's time to see how the professionals do it. So, we present to you a montage in tribute to the illustrious history of rally jumps. Spanning over many years… » 2/29/08 5:15pm 2/29/08 5:15pm

Look At The Bugs In My Beer

Unlike the fail-hoons earlier, this clip shows aspiring degenerates everywhere how things are done. Not only does this gentleman confidently forego all safety equipment unlike our recommendations, he also does without a shirt and is Canadian. With a plan that is well laid out and a sarcastic cameraman documenting… » 2/29/08 12:45pm 2/29/08 12:45pm

Leap Day Celebration: A Special Day For Hoons

Happy Leap Day everybody! You didn't think we could let this novelty of calendar and astronomical year synchronization pas without commemoration did you? Considering how convenient the name is to bringing you all manner of things that jump, we'll be following through with variations on the theme. Follow the tag for the … » 2/29/08 12:15pm 2/29/08 12:15pm