Chihuahua Based Problem Causes Moron To Crash

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What Leap Day Celebration would be complete without an homage to accidental off roading? In a happy timing coincidence, moron Scott Calderon managed to crash his Chrysler Town and Country yesterday, but the circumstances have us smacking our foreheads in disbelief. Mr. Calderon was driving on the highway and swerved to miss a utility truck and barricade on a closed bridge. We're not sure why he had to swerve to miss a clearly marked bridge that was out, but follow along and you might get a little insight.


What happened next can be called nothing short of utterly retarded. Mr. Calderson's pet Chihuahua somehow managed to get stuck under the cars brake pedal and the hapless owner could do nothing to dislodge him. 'Why,' might you ask, 'was he unable to do anything?' Well Mr. Calderson had a cell phone in one hand a cup of coffee in the other, thus eliminating dexterous appendages with which to remove the dog. We would have booted that little bastard out of there, or actually not had a loose chihuahua in the car in the first place. Anyway, as a result of the brake free situation, the car leapt off the road, down the embankment and into the river, where the airbags deployed and the car stayed upright enough to prevent Calderson from drowning. The utility crew and later emergency services saved him from the situation. [via]

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Rob Emslie

When will the Federal Government step in and do something about this rash of Chihuahua-related accidents?