We've brought you some of the best Leap Year themed jackassery we could find today, and now it's your turn to decide which one takes todays hoon of the day crown. We realize that whittling down such stupidity to a clear and decisive winner may be a bit much to ask, but we have a feeling you have it in there somewhere. Just take a moment to think about this Leap Day Celebration, and then ask "What Would The Duke Boys Do?"

First up was the less than stellar proto-hoon burm ramping that ended in bruised udders: This of course was followed by the invincible shirtless Canadian hoon who did his best to make a Civic shaped hole in the road - ouch: Next we saw a double helping of great jumps topped off with a dollop of tree shaking ending Tree crash #1: Tree Crash #2: Perhaps stretching the definition of hoonage, but still an impressive leap day showing was the hopping air-powered Cutlass: Who says the amateurs get to have all the fun? The montage of pulse raising World Rally jumps set to Van Halen's Jump seemed wildly appropriate for the day didn't it? Next up was the junkyard shenanigans of some guys with a joyful number of disposable automobiles: So there you go folks, all of the Leap Day Celebration Entries. Some are certainly better at being hoons than others, but we figured we'd give some of the underdogs a shot, who does it hurt. Remember, just like a Florida election, vote away and vote often.

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