Leap Day Celebration: A Special Day For Hoons

Happy Leap Day everybody! You didn't think we could let this novelty of calendar and astronomical year synchronization pas without commemoration did you? Considering how convenient the name is to bringing you all manner of things that jump, we'll be following through with variations on the theme. Follow the tag for the rest of the day, and we'll finish things off with a special vote for Hoon of the Day. First up is a quick lesson on what not to do when leaping. If you're going to do it, do it big. This eight foot bunny hop is none too impressive. While these kids are wearing seatbelts, they don't anticipate the efficacy of the belts and thus look like amateurs hobbling around holding their ouchies afterwards. The final straw is multiple slow motion repeats of the same jump. While it is funny to watch synchronized pain, it's not a good way to get into our highlight reels.


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Rob Emslie

It is said that the majority of accidental deaths are preceded by the phrase "Here, hold my beer."

Goober's boys are lucky he wasn't wearing an anti-submarine belt. Anyway, who knew a first-gen Amer-escort could be so tough?