Next KTM X-Bow Will Be One Very Angry Looking 'Bargain Race Car'

KTM and high-performance automotive tuner Reiter Engineering have a new plan for the eccentric KTM X-Bow. For its second rendition the X-Bow will look less like a cereal box Hot Wheels toy and more like, well, a little of everything else. Don't laugh, it might be your cheapest ticket to a purpose-built racer. » 12/17/14 8:05pm 12/17/14 8:05pm

This Beautiful Tribute To The KTM X-Bow Will Make Your Life Better

The KTM X-Bow is a hardcore track machine. The people who own KTM X-Bows like to imagine that they're track stars that will get the beautiful girl. That rarely happens. » 7/30/13 1:24pm 7/30/13 1:24pm

London Trip in a Mono, XBow, Atom and R300

The BHP Project part two consists of taking 4 awesome track focused cars into Central London to see what they're like in an environment which is a little out of their comfort zone. » 3/12/13 1:14pm 3/12/13 1:14pm

Watch Schumacher PWN his opponent in a KTM X-Bow

Lest you forget for even a moment that Michael Schumacher (orange) is a stone cold killer, a German race weapon more terrifying than a Panzerkampfwagen, here he is at this year's Race of Champions showing American Brian Deegan (white) what real car control is. » 12/06/11 2:30pm 12/06/11 2:30pm

KTM's track toy will cost Americans $88,500 without the engine

The good news is that KTM's X-Bow track sled is coming to the US. The bad news, depending on your circumstances, is that it'll start at $88,500. Oh, you wanted an engine? Get ready to shell out big money. » 3/04/11 12:00pm 3/04/11 12:00pm

KTM X-BOW R Before Your New Track God

The beloved but occasionally unsold superlight KTM X-Bow's returning in 2011 with an even more potent 300-hp XBOW R version. Wait, does that make it the Jack X-Bauer? » 9/27/10 10:45am 9/27/10 10:45am

KTM Halts Production Of X-Bow

With 80 unsold units in stock and only 420 of the once-expected 1,000 units being produced, KTM's announced plans to halt production of the X-bow superlight sports car, at least temporarily. The Carpocalypse claims another victim. [ via GTSpirit] » 8/24/09 9:15am 8/24/09 9:15am

KTM X-BOW ABT Sportline 300 HP Upgrade Backed By Factory

As if the X-BOW needed more of an advantage, KTM is now offering full factory support and a two year warranty on ABT Sportline's aftermarket performance upgrade, with a total output of 300 horsepower. » 7/24/09 9:00am 7/24/09 9:00am

Track-Ready KTM X-Bow Takes To Snow Like Duck To Water

The rear-engined, 240 HP, 1,700 Lbs KTM X-Bow is one of the fastest ways to lap a racetrack. But with no ABS, traction control or even a windscreen, how does it the snow? » 12/19/08 5:30pm 12/19/08 5:30pm

Monorail KTM X-Bow Is Inefficient Means of Public Transportation

The KTM X-Bow » 9/29/08 5:00pm 9/29/08 5:00pm is just beginning to reach customers in Europe and, predictably, one of the first has already gone and crashed it. According to , the driver “skidded on two wheels” before mounting a crash barrier at the Nurburgring. Well, if you’re going to total your $70,000, 237 HP Austrian trackday special, we can…


Looks like the crotch-rocketing folks from KTM are serious about making the X-Bow track monster revealed in Geneva this year totally track-ready. One of Brenda Priddy's cadre of car spies caught this particular motor bike car at speed undergoing handling tests on the Nürburgring earlier today. The basic version of… » 10/16/07 3:05pm 10/16/07 3:05pm