KTM's track toy will cost Americans $88,500 without the engine

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The good news is that KTM's X-Bow track sled is coming to the US. The bad news, depending on your circumstances, is that it'll start at $88,500. Oh, you wanted an engine? Get ready to shell out big money.


KTM released the X-Bow price list today, and in addition to a spectacular base price, it rises to $139,000 in top-line, GT4 spec. Either that's a shiteload of money for a toy, or a bargain for a very capable racecar. But the company's also getting around oppressive DOT regs by selling it as the equivalent to a kit car (no engine). Purchasing the engine separately, and having it installed by an "approved installation partner," will cost $7,900.

The company says it'll offer four tiers of X-Bow amusement: the Street model at $88,500 — just a roller (minus engine and transaxle); Clubsport at $103,000, Superlight at $134,500, and most expensive GT4. Optional equipment includes a mechanical locking diff ($4,290); removable steering wheel ($1,690); wheels with central locking ($2,490); integrated ChaseCam DIVA 2 Camera System ($4,490); airjack System ($TBA) and "R" Package ($TBA). Obviously there are still lots of questions to be asked, like which come standard with each of the tiered packages. Pricing includes Airfreight and ground transport to KTM's "delivery facilities."


Bit wait! Check out the legal disclaimer. Its a doozy:

The North American specification KTM X-Bow is classified as a special construction vehicle by the EPA, NHSTA and individual state departments of transportation. As such, it is sold without engine and transaxle. The engine and transaxle specified in this and associated documents is the suggested drivetrain for North American consumers. British Racing Group LLC and Hangar 111 make no representations as to an individuals ability to register the X-Bow or any of it's derivatives for road use due to varying requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Special licensing procedures likely apply. For specific requirements, please contact your state's governing agency. Licensing and registration of the X-Bow is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Operating a vehicle in motorsport, track or competitive conditions and venues may be hazardous. Such use exposes the occupants to extreme conditions and the possibility of injury, sometimes sever and can result in death. Any use of the X-Bow should be performed with this in mind. By operating the car, the occupants accept this liability and absolve British Racing Group, LLC, it's installation partners, Hangar 111 and KTM, AG of all liabilities that may result from the use of the vehicle. Proper training, equipment and licensing is strongly recommended.

British Racing Group LLC, Hangar 111 and KTM, AG reserve the right to alter specifications including but not limited to; standard and optional equipment, suggested drivetrain specification, pricing, etc. without prior notice. British Racing Group, LLC is an official dealer and North American representative for Hangar 111, Limited.

Better have your attorney look this over.


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