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This Beautiful Tribute To The KTM X-Bow Will Make Your Life Better

The KTM X-Bow is a hardcore track machine. The people who own KTM X-Bows like to imagine that they're track stars that will get the beautiful girl. That rarely happens.


This time it does. This is an artistic and beautiful tribute to one of the coolest and most complex track cars of our time.

Trust me. Just watch this. It's damn beautiful.

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Good god this video is an awful piece of self-indulgent crap. And those lens flares. Just no.

I'm fine with an artsy car video now and then, but this plays like the wedding pre-ceremony video for the douchebag who owns this car, which he loves only slightly more than his trophy wife-to-be.

You wouldn't call hardcore porn artful if they tossed in a soft focus lens, slow-mo, some white sheets, and a dubstep soundtrack. Crappy video is still crappy, even with high production values.