Famed Lamborghini race shop Reiter Engineering has made a GT3 racer that looks as mean as it sounds. Think Lamborghini has gotten too soft and Audi-like? This is the race car for you.

"The surprising and at the same time overwhelming popularity of our SaReNi Camaro GT3 showed us that for motorsport fans at least a great sound and aggressive looks are crucial for a GT racecar," Hans Reiter said to Sportscar365.

"The Reiter Gallardo Extenso must and will portray these features more predominantly. With this in mind, the sound development is at the top of the new specifications along with the visual packaging."


The overall result? A race car that looks as mean and crazy as a Lamborghini should look. Lamborghinis should be synonymous with ridiculous design, and this looks like something that would hunt down droids in space, much less go wheel-to-wheel on the track.

Ten Gallardo Extenso GT3 race cars will be built each year, with upgraded front and rear lights, a 13 centimeter wider rear track to complete the look. The use of carbon fiber panels in place of the standard aluminum ones in the rear will help even out weight distribution from nose to rear.

Need a place to race one? These cars will be eligible for competition in the Pirelli World Challenge, Blancpain GT series and the newly formed SRO GT Sports Club.


Gallardo Extenso GT3s will cost $309,600, a small sum to pay for universal domination.

More renderings of pure, vehicular evil can be found on Reiter's site here.

Photo credits: Reiter Engineering