Here's Your Chance To Own The Oldsmobile 442 James Garner Raced In Baja

Even without any celebrity connection it's hard to deny the cool factor of a modified 1970 Oldsmobile 442 that is no stranger to off-road racing in Baja. Add in the fact this off-road Olds was built for and piloted by James Garner in 1969 and 1970 and it starts to become clear exactly how awesome this unique vintage… » 3/10/12 12:30pm 3/10/12 12:30pm

Update On The James Garner Mystery Car

You know what's great? This. This is great. This site, cars, the Internet, the whole damn thing. Skeptical? Good. I'm glad you're skeptical, because it's going to give me genuine joy to take your skepticism out back and spank it, right in front of all its stupid friends. How? With this: » 2/22/12 2:00pm 2/22/12 2:00pm

Creative Car Hire for Fun and Profit with Jim Rockford

Okay, admittedly, Suzanne Somers isn't a woman we'd generally go out of our way to seduce these days. But back in '74, she was quite the looker, and let's face it, being Jim Rockford isn't entirely unlike being a blogger. Well, except that we can't afford a trailer in Malibu or a gold Firebird Esprit. And the…

» 1/30/07 1:45pm 1/30/07 1:45pm

Because Every Luckless Angeleno Needs a Firebird, a Mobile Home and a…

Mike Post and Stephen J. Cannell were no doubt two of the giants of 1970s/80s television. This show, combined with this theme song, were a one-two punch the likes of which wouldn't be seen again until the A-Team. Which, admittedly, came only a few years later, and as awesome as it was, wasn't nearly as witty.…

» 8/28/06 5:15pm 8/28/06 5:15pm