Cadillac ATS vs Lexus IS350 F-Sport. Fighting back

So you're after a new premium mid-size saloon. You want a bit of poke, a good amount of style without being too flashy, and it has to be comfortable as well as feature a performance element. Basically, you want everything. Where do you go? Traditionally, you'd head straight to Germany and check out a BMW 3 Series,… »3/10/14 1:53pm3/10/14 1:53pm


Twelve Observations Concerning the Lexus IS 350

Last day of Japan Week, get it while it's hot! With the we-now-know 416 horsepower Lexus IS-F about to drop, we thought we'd take this opportunity to get one last look the previous Lexus performance champ, the IS 350. If you like bells and whistles and beeps (and $47,000 price tags) the IS 350 might just be the car… »10/26/07 11:15am10/26/07 11:15am