Cadillac ATS vs Lexus IS350 F-Sport. Fighting back

So you're after a new premium mid-size saloon. You want a bit of poke, a good amount of style without being too flashy, and it has to be comfortable as well as feature a performance element. Basically, you want everything. Where do you go? Traditionally, you'd head straight to Germany and check out a BMW 3 Series,… » 3/02/14 11:31am 3/02/14 11:31am

Toyota’s Latest Problem: Possessed Lexus Steering Wheels

Unintended acceleration, Steve Wozniak's Prius brake problems, unexpected veering and now video of a Lexus with a possessed steering wheel. More legendary Toyota build quality or beige biting back? Video below. Update! » 2/11/10 10:30am 2/11/10 10:30am

How To Stop Your Toyota Floor Mats From Killing You

Concerned your Toyota floor mat may kill you? Us too. Luckily, Toyota's provided this handy guide for what to do if you think your Toyota/Lexus is part of the recall. Click "more" to avoid a fiery death. » 9/30/09 3:45pm 9/30/09 3:45pm

Lexus Creates Tennis Ball Fuzz-Covered IS 350 For U.S. Open

Lexus exhibits their talent for extremely literal marketing with this neon green tennis ball fuzz-covered IS 350 on display at the U.S. Open; the neon green is easier to find in a parking lot or wooded area near the court. » 9/08/09 2:20pm 9/08/09 2:20pm

2010 Lexus IS Convertible: First Drive

The 2010 Lexus IS Convertible shares only the hood and dash with its four-door sibling, with the rest re-purposed for the singular task of open-air grand touring. Can Lexus finally get a convertible right? » 6/12/09 1:00pm 6/12/09 1:00pm

Lexus IS350 2GR-FSE V6

The Lexus IS350 2GR-FSE V6 is an update to the previous 3.0 V6 found in the previous IS and with 306hp at 6400 rpm and 277 ft-lbs of torque at 4800 rpm, it's no slouch in the power production realm. This particular cutaway is rather nice for checking out those mile-long long intake runners.
» 4/21/09 2:04pm 4/21/09 2:04pm

Lexus Tuner Sextet Heading To SEMA

Lexus is bringing a fleet of vehicles to the SEMA » 10/29/08 2:20pm 10/29/08 2:20pm show next week, including an as close to an F as possible without being a . Just in case you prefer the IS F, the company handed four of them over to various tuners and magazines, including one to our friends at , to do up for the Vegas extravaganza. In addition to…

2009 Lexus IS Facelift Brochure Scans Leaked

The folks over at the My.IS forum claim to have a set of scans of a Japanese brochure for the 2009 Lexus IS. The timing make sense, given that the current Lexus IS design is getting a bit long in the tooth. Though the bits of metal flesh we get to see aren't drastically different from the current generation, there is… » 8/14/08 2:30pm 8/14/08 2:30pm

Commenter of the Day: Apples To Oranges Edition

With Herr Loverman still busy shooting men in Reno just to watch them die, he has requested that I fill in on Commenter of the Day duties again. Today we're going to give the award to a commenter who has combined metaphorical mastery with a dash of Camaro-style vulgarian flavoring to make his comeback all the more… » 10/26/07 6:00pm 10/26/07 6:00pm

Twelve Observations Concerning the Lexus IS 350

Last day of Japan Week, get it while it's hot! With the we-now-know 416 horsepower Lexus IS-F about to drop, we thought we'd take this opportunity to get one last look the previous Lexus performance champ, the IS 350. If you like bells and whistles and beeps (and $47,000 price tags) the IS 350 might just be the car… » 10/26/07 11:15am 10/26/07 11:15am

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Lexus IS 350, Part 2

Exterior Design ****
The Lexus IS reminds me of the Egyptian goddess Isis. More specifically, my mind casts back to the tale of Nephthys, a less immediately pronounceable Egyptian deity who was sexually frustrated with her husband Set. To seduce Set, Nephthys disguised herself as Isis. The plan didn t really pan out;… » 12/16/05 12:00pm 12/16/05 12:00pm

Jalopnik Reviews: 2006 Lexus IS 350, Part 1

Now THAT S what I m talking about. After having endured the illusory pleasures of helming The Emperor s New Luxury Car (the GS300), I was delighted to find myself behind the wheel of a truly distinctive automobile wearing the Lexus badge. Actually, the IS 350 is NOT what I was talking about: a Luftwaffteriffic… » 12/15/05 11:33am 12/15/05 11:33am

Lexus Launches Microsite for 2006 IS Models

With the 2006 Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 models starting to trickle into dealerships, and a new ad campaign already foaming at the airwaves, the company has launched a microsite to promote the new-generation models. We've yet to see any ISs at our local dealership, but we're assured they're on the way. In the mean time,… » 10/21/05 2:37pm 10/21/05 2:37pm

Lexus Announces Pricing for 2006 IS 250 and IS 350

The all-new entry Lexus will hit showrooms in two days, and the Toyota division is finally talking price. The IS 250 gets about as close to $30,000 as you can get and still have enough for a pack of smokes (and a box of Tic Tacs). MSRP for the IS starts at $29,990 (rear-wheel drive, six-speed manual); $31,160 with… » 10/12/05 8:32am 10/12/05 8:32am