Toyota’s Latest Problem: Possessed Lexus Steering Wheels

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Unintended acceleration, Steve Wozniak's Prius brake problems, unexpected veering and now video of a Lexus with a possessed steering wheel. More legendary Toyota build quality or beige biting back? Video below. Update!


Click to viewNow, as far as we know, this IS350's issue could have been caused by the owner, a poster at My.IS. running over a herd of cats and not just a fundamental Toyota design flaw, but a user over at the forum Club Lexus currently has the same problem.

There was a courtesy campaign (i.e. a non-recall recall) for IS model power steering but, according to a tech on the site, this didn't involve replacing the sensor that could be causing this problem. Given Toyota's recent track record, we bet this clip will be causing a national scandal on CNN within the hour.

Anyone have any idea what could cause this?

UPDATE: It appears, from comments and in talking to a Toyota/Lexus employee, that it's possible the instillation of aftermarket HID headlights without the proper surge protection could be responsible for frying a sensor or part of the electronics system. This is only speculation, but all the vehicles involved so far seem to have installed the lights.

(H/T to Jeff!)

[Club Lexus, My.IS]


Jonathan Harper

It's not 2012 yet...

Guess it came early for Toyota.