The First Successful Matchbox Toy Was Not What I Expected At All 

If you had to guess what the first really successful Matchbox toy vehicle was, the one that convinced them there was money to be made cranking out tiny toy cars, what would you guess? An E-Type? A Model T? A tank? Nope, nope, and nope. The one that convinced them had a pair of disembodied shins. Were you going to… »10/19/15 7:00pm10/19/15 7:00pm


What Cars Would Be What Pieces In A Hot Wheels Chess Set?

Our more astute readers may have noticed this interesting fact already: chess pieces and Hot Wheels (or Matchbox, or similar) cars are both small, solid objects that can be held easily in one hand. I’ve confirmed this with a double-blind study. This fact leads to one question: what cars would be what chess pieces? »9/14/15 11:29pm9/14/15 11:29pm

This Genius Figured Out How To Drift Hot Wheels Cars

With enough imagination, a Hot Wheels or Matchbox die-cast car can do almost anything. But in real life, their abilities are limited to pretty much just rolling forward. Unless they're in the hands of Phil Foss who's actually found a way to get Hot Wheels and other toy cars to drift around corners like Ken Block was… »2/05/15 10:03am2/05/15 10:03am