This Genius Figured Out How To Drift Hot Wheels Cars

With enough imagination, a Hot Wheels or Matchbox die-cast car can do almost anything. But in real life, their abilities are limited to pretty much just rolling forward. Unless they're in the hands of Phil Foss who's actually found a way to get Hot Wheels and other toy cars to drift around corners like Ken Block was… » 2/05/15 9:00am 2/05/15 9:00am

What's Your Favorite Hot Wheels Car of All Time?

No Matchbox or larger scales need apply, specifically which Hot Wheels car represents the brand or your attraction to the brand? » 10/23/14 4:09pm 10/23/14 4:09pm

Some Sculptor At Hot Wheels Is Really Bringing It To VW Engines

One of the things I like best about Hot Wheels as a maker of really small toy cars is that, even when shrunk down to an absurd 1/64th the size of a car, they often still manage to cram in some satisfying detail. I got my son this little VW Thing, and was delighted at this engine bay. » 10/02/14 11:13pm 10/02/14 11:13pm

This 526 HP Darth Vader Corvette Is A Hot Wheels Dream Made Real

Back in the 1980s, the car magazines and executives at General Motors dubbed the sinister and obscenely powerful Buick Grand National "Darth Vader's car." Thanks to the folks at Hot Wheels, Lord Vader has something to upgrade to. » 7/23/14 10:00am 7/23/14 10:00am

Darth Vader is the first Star Wars Hot Wheels car

Next month at the San Diego Comic-Con, Hot Wheels will unveil its new line of Star Wars-themed vehicles, the first of which, the Darth Vader car shown here, will be available for purchase at the show. » 6/05/14 2:02pm 6/05/14 2:02pm

Chasing Die-Cast Cars (March 31-April 6, 2014)

Hola fellow Hot Wheels addicts. I was searching through posts and came across Lets Just Drive is Mkolabin's "Chasing Die-Cast Cars" series which is a summary of recent activity on OPPO featuring die-cast cars and the HWEP. I sent him an inquiry and he has awesomely allowed me to assist. » 4/08/14 8:15am 4/08/14 8:15am

The World's Tallest Hotwheels Wall Track Puts Your Childhood to Shame

Remember that awesome Hotwheels track you built when you were a kid? The one that went from the bedroom all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen? Yeah, that was cool, but this one tops it. Meet the setup Hotwheels' is calling the largest wall track in the world. » 8/31/13 7:00pm 8/31/13 7:00pm

How Greg Tracy Proved Human Drivers Are Better Than Drone Cars

Google engineers will tell you that one day robot-controlled cars will be able to drive better and safer than humans. One year ago, in a stunt for Hot Wheels, driver Greg Tracy proved just how far off those robots really are. » 8/06/13 11:38pm 8/06/13 11:38pm

How Hot Wheels Did Its Double Loop Stunt Without Killing Anybody

Last year at the X Games, Hot Wheels had Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy drive through a double loop, like the type we all made as kids. Except this time the cars didn't crash into each other and make a mess on your floor. This is how they did it. » 8/02/13 4:40pm 8/02/13 4:40pm

Now You Can Build (And Destroy) Your Favorite Hot Wheels Cars

From the company that brought you the Porsche 911 GT3 RS that kept me sane during a snow storm comes a new line of Team Hot Wheels vehicles, mini-figs and play sets created in partnership with Mattel. » 4/10/13 4:59pm 4/10/13 4:59pm

Chevy Will Turn Your Camaro Into A Hot Wheels Car For $7,000

Chevrolet unveiled the Hot Wheels Edition Camaro at SEMA this week, giving Hot Wheels geeks the world over a chance to own a lifesize Hot Wheels car. » 10/29/12 12:00pm 10/29/12 12:00pm

Here's What Happens Behind the Scenes At An Awesome Hot Wheels Stunt…

James Bond did it in an AMC Matador. Rob Dyrdek did it in a Chevy Sonic. Now it's Hot Wheels's turn. Make that Brent Fletcher's. He jumped a sand-rail buggy 92 feet, nautilus style, at the behest of the recently stunt-happy toy-car maker. » 9/14/12 4:00pm 9/14/12 4:00pm

Watch The World Record Hot Wheels Double Loop Stunt

Mustachioed stunt driver Greg Tracy and former One Direction tenor Tanner Foust set a completely made up world record earlier today when they drove their cars through a double loop simultaneously at the X Games in Los Angeles. Tracy won, mostly because he did a Q&A with our readers on Friday. When will you learn,… » 6/30/12 6:28pm 6/30/12 6:28pm

Ask Stuntman Greg Tracy Anything You Want Before His Double Loop Dare…

You've seen Greg Tracy drive, you just didn't know it. The six-time Pikes Peak champ has been the wheelman in movies like The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Italian Job just to name a few. He's also going to attempt a world record double loop stunt for Hot Wheels Saturday with Tanner… » 6/29/12 12:00pm 6/29/12 12:00pm

Drunken Grandparents Towed Their Grandkid In This Power Wheels Car

Do grandparents let their grandkids get away with stuff their parents won't let them do? Sure. But most grandparents are still pretty good baby sitters, from a safety standpoint (mine were anyway). » 5/01/12 12:00pm 5/01/12 12:00pm

2013 SRT Viper: Here It Is (In Toy Car Form)

So far the closest we've gotten to the 2013 SRT Viper ahead of its New York Auto Show debut next month is teaser pictures and renderings based on the image leaked by Hot Wheels. Although we still don't have pictures of the actual car, we now know what it looks like 1/64th scale diecast. » 3/04/12 9:00am 3/04/12 9:00am

The Hidden Beauty Of The Bottom Of Toy Cars

Like most car-obsessed folks, I have many more toy cars around than a reasonable person with a mortgage should. It's a limited way of satisfying car-ownership urges without turning your yard into an oil-soaked scrapyard. Well, turning it into more of one, I mean. » 2/09/12 3:00pm 2/09/12 3:00pm

Oops! A Phone Number on a Toy Truck Turned Out to Be a Sex Line

A Grandma gifted a Mattel Matchbox toy truck to her 3-year-old grandson because like most 3-year-old boys, he loved playing with trucks. Unbeknownst to both of them though, the phone number painted on the truck directed to a sex line. » 8/09/11 5:45pm 8/09/11 5:45pm

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is Hot Wheels heaven (and hell)

California artist Chris Burden’s city of 1,200 Hot Wheels cars is close to completion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It’s a giant, noisy, throbbing city of custom-built toy cars, and it’s also a sad farewell to the first century of the automobile. In Burden’s city, you see, the cars move on tracks. (via … » 8/05/11 3:30pm 8/05/11 3:30pm

What is your favorite Hot Wheels car?

Eliot Handler, the creator of Hot Wheels, died at his home on Thursday at the age of 95. In honor of the man who created the first vehicle most young car lovers ever owned, we present a special QOTW. What is your favorite Hot Wheels car? » 7/24/11 5:00pm 7/24/11 5:00pm