Buried Blue Gremlin Could Lead To Arrest Of Child Serial Killer

Construction workers in Michigan have potentially blown the Oakland County Child Killer case wide open after unearthing a blue AMC Gremlin while they were digging out a basement in a subdivision. The serial killer was suspected to have driven a car matching that description during his spree in the late 1970s. »8/20/13 2:44pm8/20/13 2:44pm


Formula Junior BMW To Be Brought Back To Life By Restorer Of Eddie Griffin Enzo

In addition to fixing celebrity-bashed Enzos and running a pair of Neons at LeMons Texas, Matt Groner also has this seriously cool vintage-racer BMW project. It's a race car built in the early 60s, based on a BMW 600 chassis, powered by a motorcycle engine, and set up for Formula Junior racing. Allegedly, the thing is… »12/05/08 1:30pm12/05/08 1:30pm

PCH, Six-Banger Kenosha Malaise Edition: Spirit or Gremlin?

With today's Engine of the Day being the AMC inline six, it seemed only good and proper that we have a Choose Your Eternity dilemma featuring a pair of vehicles powered by that fine powerplant. It's also good to have a couple of American cars, which I really can't use very often in this series because the stuff out of… »4/24/08 5:20pm4/24/08 5:20pm

The Kids of Today Should Defend Themselves Against the '70s: AMC's Spirit of '76

We were born in 1975, which meant that as a small child AMC's then- current lineup seemed interesting and futuristic to us. We also remember thinking Porsche 914s were strange-looking, yet kind of cool. Now generally remembered as the nadir of automotive design (along with the Vega, Pinto and Aspen/Volar twins), we… »8/16/05 12:17pm8/16/05 12:17pm