Buried Blue Gremlin Could Lead To Arrest Of Child Serial Killer

Construction workers in Michigan have potentially blown the Oakland County Child Killer case wide open after unearthing a blue AMC Gremlin while they were digging out a basement in a subdivision. The serial killer was suspected to have driven a car matching that description during his spree in the late 1970s. » 8/20/13 2:44pm 8/20/13 2:44pm

Formula Junior BMW To Be Brought Back To Life By Restorer Of Eddie Griffin Enzo

In addition to fixing celebrity-bashed Enzos and running a pair of Neons at LeMons Texas, Matt Groner also has this seriously cool vintage-racer BMW project. It's a race car built in the early 60s, based on a BMW 600 chassis, powered by a motorcycle engine, and set up for Formula Junior racing. Allegedly, the thing is… » 12/05/08 1:30pm 12/05/08 1:30pm

PCH, Six-Banger Kenosha Malaise Edition: Spirit or Gremlin?

With today's Engine of the Day being the AMC inline six, it seemed only good and proper that we have a Choose Your Eternity dilemma featuring a pair of vehicles powered by that fine powerplant. It's also good to have a couple of American cars, which I really can't use very often in this series because the stuff out of… » 4/24/08 5:20pm 4/24/08 5:20pm

Time Magazine: We Gotcher 50 Worst Cars Of All Time!

Since we don't really consider Time Magazine the definitive source for things automotive, we aren't surprised at the wrongness of some of their (well, actually Pulitzer-winning writer Dan Neil's) choices. The Model T? The Fuller Dymaxion? The '71 Imperial? There's something to piss off all of us here, though… » 9/10/07 10:30am 9/10/07 10:30am

Required Gremlin Gear: The Penthouse Sleeper

Consider yourself warned: Stay away from Arcticboy's AMC website! You will be sucked into a vortex of AMCness from which escape is impossible, and you will emerge hours or days later, blinking as though in unaccustomed daylight and unable to tolerate a life sorely lacking in Hornets, Matadors, or Gremlins. And even… » 3/06/07 10:22am 3/06/07 10:22am

Rumble Seats, No Running Boards: The Gremlinamino!

There may be no vehicle more classical Northern Contra Costa/Southern Solano than this, even if it is actually from Kenosha. It reminds us of an old Aaron Cometbus-penned Cleveland Bound Death Sentence anthem that goes, "What about the nights drinking down at Passout/Tasha found a hundred dollars laying on the… » 6/15/06 2:02am 6/15/06 2:02am

The Kids of Today Should Defend Themselves Against the '70s: AMC's Spirit of '76

We were born in 1975, which meant that as a small child AMC's then- current lineup seemed interesting and futuristic to us. We also remember thinking Porsche 914s were strange-looking, yet kind of cool. Now generally remembered as the nadir of automotive design (along with the Vega, Pinto and Aspen/Volar twins), we… » 8/16/05 12:17pm 8/16/05 12:17pm