Ford Announces $129M In Third Quarter Losses, Forecasts Job Cuts

Ford has announced third quarter losses of $129 million after pre-tax losses of a total of $2.7 billion. These results are an improvement from the company's $380 million loss »11/07/08 8:30am11/07/08 8:30am in the third quarter of last year. This news comes after a quarter ravaged by the twin problems of high gasoline prices and overall economic…

One Ford, Explained: Jalopnik's Ford Announcement Cheat Sheet

As you already know, Ford dropped a double dose of news on us this morning. First, they lost $8.7 billion during the second quarter of this year. Second, they've officially revealed "One Ford," their global product realignment plan to bring to the United States much of their European lineup that's considered by many… »7/24/08 9:40am7/24/08 9:40am