Do You Suffer From Mistaken Model Syndrome?

Has this happened to you? Your ride looks worn and nondescript, and you know it needs sprucing up. Yet despite your best work, friends and family run in horror from the results. You may have mistaken model syndrome. » 10/08/10 12:30pm 10/08/10 12:30pm

The Ten Most Blasphemous Fauxrarris

Not everyone can own a Ferrari. They're expensive, fast, and constantly blow up. But making a Pontiac look like an Italian stallion to avoid the first problem is just plain wrong. Our look at the ten most blasphemous Faux-rarris below. » 12/29/09 1:00pm 12/29/09 1:00pm

Backyard Ferrari Of The Day: Fierrari 512 Testarossa

An interesting difference between Backyard Lambos and Backyard Ferraris is that eBay apparently won't let you use the word "Ferrari" when you're trying to sell your Fauxrrari. That's why the vehicle we're looking at today is actually a "512 tr FERR@RI" replica. » 12/09/08 4:00pm 12/09/08 4:00pm

Your Chance To Own A Canadian Fiero Classic: Enterra Vipre!

Forget about all those backyard Fiero hack jobs, your Fieroborghinis and your Fierraris. Really, forget 'em! You can now own a genuine Canadian-government-backed 1986 Enterra Vipre, which is currently getting some solid eBay bid action. The Enterra Vipre was based on the '86 Fiero GT chassis, so you get the mighty… » 6/24/08 7:00am 6/24/08 7:00am

The Greatest Fierrari Enzno Ever Sold

We've seen a lot of Fierraris lately, hopefully the world runs out of Fieros eventually so we aren't subjected to the ongoing night terrors they induce, but this one is particularly brash. This p**sy magnet yellow Fierrari Enzno is perhaps the finest example of the breed, complete with crooked, off-brand Ferrari… » 5/27/08 2:20pm 5/27/08 2:20pm

PCH, Fiero-Based Hell Edition: Fierrari or Zimmer Quicksilver?

Britain beats Italy, though by the slimmest of margins, in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, with the '64 Lotus Elan eking out a 51/49 victory over the '60 Lancia Flaminia. That means we'll need to set up a Britain-France PCH Schmackdöwn Challenge™ pretty soon... but that comes only after we cross the river of… » 5/22/08 5:20pm 5/22/08 5:20pm

When A Regular Fierrari Is Just Not Enough: Fierrari Limo!

The Fiero Ferrari we saw recently was pretty nice, all right, and there's no denying the appeal of a Fieroborghini or the Fierenzo. But if you crave a Fiero-based Italian supercar, yet also need the VCR and mirrored ceiling of a limo... well, today is your lucky day! We've found this fine Fierrari that's been… » 3/13/08 8:00am 3/13/08 8:00am