Wife paints news of hubby's affair on SUV rear window

The Ford Excursion's one seriously big SUV with a seriously big rear window. It's the perfect size for writing all sorts of messages — in this case, word that Nikki knows about Dave's affair. Good thing for Dave the Excursion can easily double as a studio apartment. » 6/08/11 10:00am 6/08/11 10:00am

How A SWAT Team Hangs Out

Give a man a fish and you've fed him for a day, give the South Korean SWAT Team a Ford Excursion and they'll turn it into a hideout-storming kill platform with a sniper's nest. (Hat tip to ChiefPontiaxe!) [JoongAng Daily] » 10/20/10 2:00pm 10/20/10 2:00pm

Ford Recalling 1.8 Million Diesels For Computer Glitch

Ford is having to recall approximately 1.8 million 7.3-liter PowerStroke diesel-powered trucks due to a computer software problem that has caused engine failures for customers, which we think is how I, Robot originally was supposed to start. According to Ford, the camshaft position sensor could break down and disrupt… » 12/06/07 2:45pm 12/06/07 2:45pm

Four-Year-Old Leaps From Repo'd Excursion

A Repo Man's life is always intense, but a line of some sort gets crossed when he reeps a car with the owner's kid still inside. Four-year-old Fashawn Parker, of Naperville, IL, was in the Excursion when the crew from Helping Hand Acceptance rolled up with a tow truck. The kid figured he'd better get out, so he jumped… » 9/11/07 10:30am 9/11/07 10:30am

Broken! Ford Recalls Additional 1.2 Million Vehicles Due To Fire Risk

The hits just keep on coming today for FoMoCo. First it was the hiring of the M&A guy we talked about this morning in the Morning Shift for the Jaguar fire-sale job, then FoMoCo had to restate its earnings to the tune of an additional $120 million or so. Now FoMoCo's got one more entr e on its problematic plate, and… » 8/03/06 2:31pm 8/03/06 2:31pm

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Use Decoy Ford Excursions To Leave Hospital

As f'ed up as we all might think Tom Cruise is, you almost have to sympathize with the guy for having to go to such lengths to seemingly escape the public eye he's been clamoring for since Taps. That said, check out this crazy shit that Tom Cruise just did. He and Katie, with baby Suri in tow, hopped into a black Ford… » 4/21/06 4:26pm 4/21/06 4:26pm

Ford Ends the Excursion

Ford Expansion, Ford Exploitation, Ford Exposition, Ford Exclamation — it's heard all the jokes, and still doesn't give two Tahoes. But, after five years of disappointing sales, Ford is pulling a (really big) sheet over the giant corpse and calling its death. The last model will roll off Ford's Louisville assembly… » 9/30/05 9:14am 9/30/05 9:14am