Broken! Ford Recalls Additional 1.2 Million Vehicles Due To Fire Risk

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The hits just keep on coming today for FoMoCo. First it was the hiring of the M&A guy we talked about this morning in the Morning Shift for the Jaguar fire-sale job, then FoMoCo had to restate its earnings to the tune of an additional $120 million or so. Now FoMoCo's got one more entr e on its problematic plate, and it's an extra helping of recalls. The Dearborn, MI-based automaker's added an extra 1.2 million vehicles to the recall it began last year over a faulty speed control deactivation system, a system with a history of acting as a firestarter unless a fused wiring harness is added to the speed control deactivation switch. Last years recall and this new one bring the grand total to six million vehicles recalled due to the electrical bug, with this new group including F-Series pickups, Excursions, Explorers and Mountaineers. That's a hella lot of recalls.

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