The joy of a tiny Romanian car with an 850-hp Nissan GT-R engine

For this month's Pikes Peak climb, the plucky Dacia team will tackle the mountain with a Duster, tweaked with a few modifications including a twin-turbo V6 from the Nissan GT-R boosted to 850 hp. Hello, world's hottest clown shoe. » 6/13/11 1:00pm 6/13/11 1:00pm

Renault rolls out special Dacia Duster just for French ski instructors

Renault's Dacia brand isn't well known for going after the well-monied. Luckily, with this special Dacia Duster, they don't have to — they can go after their socialist French ski instructors. » 4/06/11 10:00am 4/06/11 10:00am

1975 Plymouth Duster

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the City That Rust Sorta Ignored: Denver, Colorado. Yes, this car is a daily driver. » 8/15/10 9:00am 8/15/10 9:00am

1972 Chevy Vega or Plymouth Duster? Get The Deluxe Wheel Covers and…

If you're thinking economy car or any kind of car, remember: We'll take on anyone in our class and come through... for you! » 7/11/10 1:00pm 7/11/10 1:00pm

1974 Plymouth Gold Duster

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the City That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. I'd planned to post this during my Alameda visit last weekend, but... Server Hamsters refused. » 7/03/10 9:00am 7/03/10 9:00am

Go For the Gold Duster for $8,750!

Zombie car brands, like their brain-slurping human counterparts, are not typically fastidious regarding their appearance. However, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Plymouth that's been dusted off and looks like it'll do more than just shamble. » 3/12/10 8:00am 3/12/10 8:00am

Sundance Duster Lacks Charm Of Turismo Duster, Gets Scrapped

Coming nearly a decade after the car that inspired the amazing "MTV Cocaine Factory" advertisement- the Greatest Car Commercial Ever Made- the Sundance-based '93 Duster failed to achieve legend status. » 2/21/10 10:55am 2/21/10 10:55am

DOTS-O-Rama Saturday, Tomsk Edition: Malaise Yank Tanks Of Orange County

Even with most of the weekend's posts focused on 24 Hours Of LeMons South coverage, we still need to keep up with Down On The Street Bonus Edition. Tomsk has sent in many, many photos. » 4/04/09 9:00am 4/04/09 9:00am

Dacia Duster: Every Concept Buzzword At Once

This is the Dacia Duster concept and it's bringing a totally original, unprecedented suicide-door sport activity youth-market crossover utility design with headlights stretching to the doors to Geneva. Yes, it's a rolling modern design cliche. » 3/02/09 7:00am 3/02/09 7:00am

Billy Jack's Revenge: Judge, Jury, And Executioner In Portland

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition » 9/05/08 12:40pm 9/05/08 12:40pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . Today's find is a '72 Plymouth Duster (or maybe it's a '71) with an innovative customization job. shot the Billy Jack's Revenge on the damp streets of Portland, Oregon, and we can't help but…

Ethel Lusts For Slant Six Duster, Mom Worried

A woman who feels great passion for a Chrysler A-body with Slant Six power and takes one on a test drive through a corn field? While we're pleased that Ethel has such an excellent sense of priorities, her mother seems hell-bent on getting her to stick a big icepick through her Mopar-loving frontal lobes, find a… » 4/22/08 11:00am 4/22/08 11:00am

The Duster Name Lies On The Ash Heap Of History

After seeing the sheer 80s awesomeness that was the '85 Plymouth Duster yesterday, you might have thought that every drop of branding goodness had been squeezed from the corpse of the once-glorious Duster name. You'd be wrong! After the Omni-based Duster limped off into oblivion in '87, Chrysler slapped some stickers… » 2/28/08 4:20pm 2/28/08 4:20pm

It Don't Get More 80s Than This: 1985 Plymouth Duster

I was a senior in high school in 1984, and I recall hearing Baby Boomers going on and on about the goddamn 1960s at the time and thinking "There's no possible way anyone will ever be nostalgic for the 80s- no way!" How wrong I was- 80s nostalgia is like herpes, with sudden painful flareups and a miasma of shame… » 2/27/08 11:00am 2/27/08 11:00am

Dieter Lets Us Peek Behind the Barn Door

A man like Dieter is never content with just one barn full of cars and tools and gadgets. Less than a kilometer away from his shop, Dieter has his treasure barn. From the road it's so unassuming that you'd never know it could contain an 850Ci and a 440 Duster. In addition to those, there's at least an ancient Tatra, a… » 12/26/07 1:00pm 12/26/07 1:00pm

Jalopnik Poll: Which Dodge Dart Should Nardelli Build?

Of all the facts in a New York Times article focusing on incoming Chrysler fearless leader Robert Nardelli, there was one that caught our eye. Mr. Nardelli's first car out of high school was a 1966 Dodge Dart. As Mr. Nardelli's love for the company dates back to this car, it seems only fitting that he spearhead the… » 8/13/07 3:30pm 8/13/07 3:30pm

Plymouth Rapid Transit System Brochure

While modern automakers try to infuse us with computer generated images of brush strokes morphing into luxury cars or show us smarmy future executives happily tossing their light blues and khakis out of the window on their way out of town, they seem to have long and truly forgotten something. Driving is supposed to… » 5/04/07 1:00pm 5/04/07 1:00pm

Classic Ad Watch: 1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System

From the something slightly less ballistic to wrap up the day department comes the very old news that Plymouth is out to win you over this year - with the 1970 lineup. Who says speed, luxury, and low price don't mix? Dig this. » 5/03/07 10:00pm 5/03/07 10:00pm

Celestial Arrows and Feather Dusters

While 1976 had America churning out Dodge Dart Lites and Plymouth Feather Dusters complete with bicentenial red-white-and-blue vinyl interiors, Mitsubishi unleashed a Lancer variant known as the Celeste. We mention the Dart and Duster because the compact rear-drive Celeste was also sold here in the States as a… » 4/16/07 1:30pm 4/16/07 1:30pm