Hot Rod Neon With No Documentation? Turn It Into A Civic!

Tech inspection is over, the cars are circulating on the track for transponder tests, and the green flag is about to drop. Some teams, thinking it would be to their advantage to be among the final cars through the BS Inspection, held back until the last few minutes. Yeah, the judges will be too rushed to spot your… »10/18/08 1:00pm10/18/08 1:00pm

Dodge Neon With Skull On Dash Frightens In Unintended Way

Cardomain reader Warren is a man who, if nothing else, carries through on a theme. He's outfitted the 1996 Dodge Neon he calls his own in a very nice bright orange and neon green motif, a set of very rad wheels, a truly inspired aero package, and some cool skull themed decals and upholstery. Feeling the car lacked a… »4/09/08 5:45pm4/09/08 5:45pm