The DeltaWing Really Just Drives Like A Normal Race Car

We’ve covered the saga of the DeltaWing rather extensively, but have somehow glossed over the point: it’s a race car, dang it. What is it like to actually drive? So, we asked the pair who will be racing the car at Circuit of the Americas. Interestingly, both drivers swear the funky looking car is actually pretty… »9/19/15 12:29pm9/19/15 12:29pm


How Tomorrow's Race Car Got Bogged In Today's Lawsuits

“I feel really abused by this,” Don Panoz said about the lawsuit against former partner Nissan over the DeltaWing, a race car that surprised the racing community with its unique design and has since become embroiled in a messy public and courtroom fight over that design that’s been more dramatic than the racing.
»6/12/15 1:48pm6/12/15 1:48pm

​DeltaWing Wants To Make A $15k Electric Three-Wheeler For Car-Sharing

In 2001, Don Panoz proposed a little-known electric car-sharing program for his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He even had charging stations installed at his offices. Over a decade later Panoz and DeltaWing Technologies are considering a similar scheme, but this time it involves a custom electric three-wheeler that… »12/08/14 5:20pm12/08/14 5:20pm