After Two Years Of Driving, Curiosity Found The Dirt It Was Looking For

It's been a long, strange, and really very enjoyable roadtrip for Curiosity, our robot rover to the stars (and planets). But more than two years after it landed on Mars, and commenced rolling towards Mount Sharp, it has finally arrived — and it's started drilling. » 9/26/14 2:55pm 9/26/14 2:55pm

Mars Curiosity having fun driving on dunes

This is fun. NASA's Curiosity Mars rover driving over dunes in Mars. Check out the view from the back, after going through all that sand. » 2/11/14 6:53pm 2/11/14 6:53pm

This Is What Happens When You Drive Through Three Miles Of Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover has been on Mars for over a year now, and in the time has traversed nearly three miles. While its wheels are made of high-grade aluminum, they're not strong enough to last forever. NASA announced this week it was taking an extra-long look at the wheels, and boy are they in rough shape. » 12/22/13 11:18am 12/22/13 11:18am

Ask The Scientist Who Recreated The Hindenburg Crash For Discovery

In 1937, the Hindenburg airship exploded while docking at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey. The incident resulted in 35 fatalities. This weekend, Discovery will be trying to find out what happened. » 12/14/12 1:55pm 12/14/12 1:55pm

Meet The Man Who Drives A Rover On Mars

Some people have cool jobs. And then there's Scott Maxwell, who has one of the best gigs on two planets. He's one of the people who drives the Curiosity Rover on Mars. How do you get that job? What's it like? And how does it compare to all the sci-fi and video game fantasies we've all had about this kind of thing? » 10/12/12 1:00pm 10/12/12 1:00pm

Eat The Rich: A Few Facts On Airline Safety From Discovery Scientists

We had a pair of scientists here answering questions about crashing a plane on purpose for Discovery's new show, Curiosity. It wasn't just about awesome explosions; we actually learned a few things about air safety. » 10/03/12 5:00pm 10/03/12 5:00pm

Ask The Scientists Who Crashed A Passenger Jet On Purpose For Discovery

This year, Discovery's show Curiosity is going to show something that hasn't been done in nearly 30 years: An actual plane crash test. » 10/03/12 10:45am 10/03/12 10:45am

These Are The Space Cars Of NASA

Cars –- they aren't just for Earth anymore! Proving that America still has mad space exploration skills, NASA sent a highly advanced roving vehicle to Mars last week to research conditions on the Red Planet. But while the Curiosity has gotten a great deal of attention in the news lately, it isn't the first time we've… » 8/12/12 1:30pm 8/12/12 1:30pm

These NASA Video Games Are Pretty Damn Good

If there was the fun, cool uncle of government agencies, NASA would have to be it. Not only does he have an amazing job (landing robots on Mars), but Uncle Nasa also gives us cool gifts. Not like stupid Uncle Department of Agriculture, who's always trying to pawn off corn husk dolls and garden trowels. Uncle Nasa… » 8/07/12 2:45pm 8/07/12 2:45pm

Seven Reasons Curiosity Is The Baddest Rover Ever

While Curiosity was still flying through space, way before it landed on Mars, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were busy working with a clone rover back on earth. In a simulation area called the Mars Yard, scientists put the duplicate Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) through a series of experiments to perfect… » 8/07/12 11:00am 8/07/12 11:00am

Live From NASA: Blogging The Curiosity Mars Rover Landing

We're hours away from humanity's most advanced robot explorer ever landing on another planet. Curiosity, the car-sized, six-wheeled mobile laboratory, will very soon slam into the Martian atmosphere, then be placed on the surface of the planet in a way never before tried. This rover has the potential to change… » 8/05/12 8:23pm 8/05/12 8:23pm

Talk To The Man Who Drives The $2.6 Billion-Dollar Mars Curiosity Rover

Matt Heverly has one of the coolest jobs in the Solar System: he drives rovers. On Mars. He drove NASA's Opportunity rover for four years and now he's getting ready for the biggest mission in the history of NASA's planetary exploration—driving the $2.6-billion car-sized Curiosity rover after it lands this Sunday (I… » 8/02/12 2:30pm 8/02/12 2:30pm

The Ford Raptor Goes Head To Head Against The Curiosity Mars Rover

Ford has released this very helpful guide comparing the new 2013 Ford Raptor to the 2012 model NASA Curiosity Mars Rover, for those of you comparison shopping. Both are impressive vehicles, and this nice, tall-format chart really takes the guesswork out of a complex evaluation. » 8/01/12 1:30pm 8/01/12 1:30pm

The Crazy Design of NASA's New Mars Rover

Nasa is getting ready to throw a Mini Cooper-sized mobile science lab up into space. Curiosity, as the rover is affectionately called, is headed toward Mars with a payload of lasers and mass spectrometers and multi-million dollar robotic drills—basically all the stuff needed to prove fourth planet conditions are… » 4/15/11 11:00am 4/15/11 11:00am