Jim Cramer: GM Screwed, Is The Citigroup Of Automakers

Detroit's big players may be better off using Chapter 11 to come back from the brink says Jim Cramer, he of the Maddest Money, on His rationale? If gas prices stay where they are, there simply aren't enough GM products that people want, and there are way too many GM products that no one wants. He… »6/25/08 8:30am6/25/08 8:30am

Chrysler Plays Chicken with Parts Supplier, Parts Supplier Loses

Ah, the weird, weird world of supply chains, Motown business practices and secretive private equity maneuverings. Yesterday, Plastech Engineered Products Inc., Chrysler's main supplier of parts, filed for bankruptcy. Chrysler, owned by private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management, sued to obtain the toolings… »2/05/08 1:15pm2/05/08 1:15pm