Fleetwood Enterprises Files For Chapter 11

Fleetwood files for Chapter 11. [WSJ]


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This is absolutely no surprise to me. I work with RV manufactures on a daily basis at my shop and I'm sure we're going to be hearing the same news from Monaco sooner than later.

We're even having a hard time getting simple parts from Monaco. They don't stock anything and have dwindled their parts personnel to a couple unknowledgeable people. I don't deal with Fleetwood too often as we mostly do chassis work but every time I have tried to get them to cover something for a customer they squirm out of paying for it and put it on the customer. Customer then calls Fleetwood and they tell Mr. Customer to get bent. This started happening 8 or so months ago. They used to be great with that sort of thing. (Granted RV customers are a special breed of ignorant)

With all of the local RV repair facilities and dealers going under I'm surprised that others haven't already jumped ship.