Failed Carbon Motors Founder Is Back With Robot Security Guard Concept

You may remember William Santana Li from such failed startup ventures as Carbon Motors, which sought to make a purpose-built police cruiser but instead went bankrupt and left Indiana taxpayers and investors millions of dollars in the hole. Now he's back with another law enforcement tool: a robot security guard. »12/02/13 3:00pm12/02/13 3:00pm


The [Possible] Passing Of An American Automotive Dream & My History With Carbon Motors

I was one of the first to shoot Carbon's original advertising and marketing photography back in early 2009. Carbon had an exciting concept that provided a purpose-built vehicle that was efficient, safer, and a more advanced crime fighter than anything else being offered at the time. »4/02/13 5:14pm4/02/13 5:14pm

Carbon Motors E7 Police Car Finally Reveals Video Of Cool Cop Gadgetry Inside

The Carbon Motors E7 »10/15/08 10:00am10/15/08 10:00am has been a in coming, but our suspicions of vaporware were abated when we saw . Now they've officially been quashed as a still-in-development prototype filled-to-the-brim with cool gadgets has finally been unveiled. The purpose built police cruiser is equipped with a 300 HP diesel engine which…