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Carbon Motors E7 Police Car Finally Reveals Video Of Cool Cop Gadgetry Inside

The Carbon Motors E7 has been a long time in coming, but our suspicions of vaporware were abated when we saw real pictures of the E7. Now they've officially been quashed as a still-in-development prototype filled-to-the-brim with cool gadgets has finally been unveiled. The purpose built police cruiser is equipped with a 300 HP diesel engine which will push the car from 0-to-65 MPH in under 7 seconds, a 250,000 mile durability spec, suicide doors, a hoseable interior and integrated bull bars. But it's not really about the car itself, it's about the gadgets.
The car is equipped with a host of cop-centric features like forward looking infrared (FLIR), a built-in touch screen computer with what they're calling ORCA (On-board Rapid Command Architecture). It also has 360 degree surveillance capability, built in high visibility LED lighting, an automatic license plate reader, radiation and biological threat detectors, heck, it's even got seats specially design to be more comfortable when an officer is wearing a fully kitted-out utility belt. This isn't the completely finished product yet, however it's a good look at what Carbon is hoping to get on the market and out on the streets by some time in 2012. Robocop and the Demolition Man would be so proud. [FoxNews Chicago]


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Why suicide doors?