Forget The Gumball. This Is What A Cross-Country Rally Is Supposed To Be

In California’s organic-hipster-foodie restaurants, a waiter will tell you what’s not in the food before telling you the two things that are in it. The same could be applied to this rally: It’s not a chance for wealthy men to flaunt their black cards. It’s not a rolling Grey Goose awareness campaign. It’s not a race… »8/25/15 1:52pm8/25/15 1:52pm

Shah Bugatti Wins 'French Cup' at Pebble

Every year 200 of the most coveted collector cars in the world embark onto the eighteenth hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links. The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is home to one of, if not, the most competitive events in the automotive world. After a year long restoration, the Petersen Automotive Museum’s 1939 Bugatti… »8/17/15 1:00am8/17/15 1:00am

Steve McQueen's Porsche 930 To Cross The Block

It’s no secret that Steve McQueen loved his automobiles. The late actor is known to have owned some of the coolest cars around. A Ferrari 275GTB, Jaguar XKSS, even a Hudson Wasp graced McQueen’s driveway at one time or another. Now, one of the very last cars he ever owned will sell at Mecum Auctions this summer.Steve… »6/09/15 6:36pm6/09/15 6:36pm

How I Prepped A Lexus With 900,000 Miles To Drive From New Jersey To LA

Before one sets off on any reasonably long automotive journey, it's important to kick tires and check fluids. However, when you're staring down the barrel of 1,000,000 miles on the odometer, it pays to be a little more cautious. Here's how I made sure that I (hopefully) wouldn't be left stranded in the bad… »4/14/15 2:03pm4/14/15 2:03pm

A Great Thing Happened After Thieves Stole And Stripped My First Car

For those of you lucky enough to never have had this happen, realizing your only car was stolen, stripped, and abandoned feels really, really shitty. However, there are times in life when what you lose in material goods is nothing compared to what you gain in love for humanity. This is one of those times. »3/13/15 2:48pm3/13/15 2:48pm

What It's Like To Drive An Insane Morgan 3-Wheeler Around New York

I recently got to spend a good portion of the day with car culture legend and all-around spectacular guy Alex Roy, which ended with a terrifyingly amazing drive through downtown New York City in his absolutely epic Morgan 3-wheeler. In the rain. Here's what that's like. »11/27/14 11:59am11/27/14 11:59am

Wait. The VW Golf Was Named After A Horse?

If you're like most car geeks, you know that Volkswagen has a thing for winds when it comes to naming cars. Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind, Passat is a trade wind, Jetta refers to the Jet stream, and Golf is what the Germans call the Gulf Stream. But get this — shocking new revelations suggest the Golf was actually… »11/26/14 10:40am11/26/14 10:40am