This is possibly the most brave car story I have heard told on the Internet—how one owner came to appreciate the most hated car of modern times. This is a story of love and a PT Cruiser.

Reader zeontestpilot told the story in as a response to yesterday’s question of ‘when do you realize you bought the wrong car.’ This was also put in today’s answers of the day, but it’s so good I figured it could use more attention. Here it is, in full:

Why yes, yes I have. When I first came to Jalopnik and discovered the seemingly universal hatred against my first car, my pride and joy, a ‘08 PT Cruiser base model with an auto. Nothing says “you bought the wrong car” then when most everyone hates it.

What did I do? First I complained, then debated about putting my family in debt to get a better car. But, I decided the best course of action was to drive it and appreciate it. And I mean drive it hard.

Every day I took the best dirt roads (with the best view of oncoming traffic, btw) home so I could drive it hard. I learned to love and appreciate it for it was, a slow car driven fast.


Above pic is of the pt, dead in the driveway because the pcm died.

I guess the PT Cruiser got him in the end. Maybe it always does.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

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