There Has Never Been A Car Commercial More Ridiculously Awesome Than "Cadillac Style"

The lyrics will forevermore be seared into my brain: The only way to travel is Cadillac style. Some people want more. Not just a little bit. This is your life, you're the only one who's living it. Let's go. Let's live. Let's love every mile. The only way to travel is Cadillac Style. »2/27/13 12:05pm2/27/13 12:05pm


Cadillac Unsure Whether There Is "Consumer Interest" In Bluetooth?

We've finally had the chance to check out the General's newest addition to its blogging empire — a blog all about the Cadillac CTS. Because who doesn't want a blog all about one model with little to no online enthusiast following? But whatever — for those of us users of the newest of new technology, we're always… »6/26/07 11:15am6/26/07 11:15am