What Would You Be Driven In If You Were Pope?

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Taking a gander at what the Pope was taken for a ride in this morning got us to thinking. Especially knowing what the main man from the Vatican takes out on parade days, we're interested to know what luxe ride you'd like to be taking down 1st Avenue in New York today. If you were the Pope, and rocking the white robes, what car would you prefer to be driven in? Would it be the bubble-top Popemobile of old, something more German military industrial complex, or something else?



Rob Emslie

@Pope Dearthair the Awesometh: Hence my wicked "in your face" that would represent.

They'd be like "oh no you dinnit."

And I'd be all "Who's your pope now bitches?"

And they'd go "dude, you so crazy".

And I'd be "Damn straight- that's why I'm rockin' the big hat and you're not!"


Pope out.