The BP Oil Spill And Deepwater Horizon Explosion: Two Years Later

This past Friday, April 20th wasn't just a day to sit around, pluck an out-of-tune guitar and get stoned. It also marked the two-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and the beginning of the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. One of the worst spills in U.S. history, its impacts are still… » 4/23/12 10:00am 4/23/12 10:00am

BP Photoshops Another Official Image Terribly

This week it came to light that BP had photoshopped—poorly—an official image of their crisis command center. Apparently, that wasn't an isolated incident. Let's take a closer look at this view from a helicopter, shall we? UPDATED: » 7/21/10 5:41pm 7/21/10 5:41pm

World's 2nd-Largest Oil Field to Drop Production by 8 Percent

8% is the magic number in the North American oil industry these days. First, BP institutes a pipeline closure that results in an 8% drop in total American oil capacity, and now Pemex is announcing that its Cantarell oil field, the world's second-largest, will drop 8% in production this year. Hear that? Yes, people,… » 8/10/06 12:45am 8/10/06 12:45am

Something In Our Synapses Assures Us We're Okay: Is BP Greenwashing? Is …

We're in a play of slow decay orchestrated by Boltzmann/It's entropy/It's not a human issue/ Entropy/It's matter of course/ Entropy/Energy at all levels/Entropy/ From it you cannot divorce » 8/09/06 8:00pm 8/09/06 8:00pm
We have to admit that a large percentage of our high-school vocabulary was derived by listening to far too much Bad Religion. …

Breaking! Four Bucks A Gallon, Here We Come! BP Goes Oops In Alaska,…

Although "BP" changed their name to "Beyond Petroleum" in its marketing, it never officially changed the name of the company. That's because the company all about "listening to the concerns and criiticisms of real people" is still chained to that ol' carbon fuel source o' oil. Now, due to what's being called "corroded lines"… » 8/07/06 11:03am 8/07/06 11:03am