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There's Been Yet Another Oil Spill In The US

Oil spilled from the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas, days after a leak in California

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A pump failure at the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery caused the spill

Crude oil poured from the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas this morning after a pump failed on one of its storage tanks.

The refinery, which processes 593,000 barrels of oil each day, began leaking oil on Wednesday morning, reported ABC News. The leak was isolated to a storage tank containing crude oil at the refinery.


As a result of the leak, one road has been closed in the area but no injuries were reported.

The report said:

“The leak was isolated to the refinery complex and was blamed on the failure of a pump seal at the facility, according to Bruce Clawson, interim director of Homeland Security for Texas City.”


ABC News added that “it wasn’t clear” how much oil had spilled from the tank.

According to the report from ABC News, the Texas oil spill is now under control. Officials from the refinery added that a cleanup operation is now underway.

A statement from Marathon Petroleum, which operates the refinery, said that cleanup is ongoing and that it is monitoring the impact of the spill.

“The refinery has deployed air monitoring in the community as a precaution, and there is no indication of risk to the community,” Jamal Kheiry, Marathon Petroleum Corporation communications manager, said in a statement.


“Cleanup is underway, and regulatory notifications have been made.”

Officials from Texas City, where the facility is located, added that they were monitoring the situation and that affected roads could be closed for up to eight hours.


The spill is the second US oil leak in the space of a week, after an oil spill off southern California caused massive damage to wetland environments.

The leak on Sunday was caused by a breach connected to the Elly oil rig. The incident saw 126,000 gallons, or 3,000 barrels, of crude oil spill into the ocean. The leak quickly spread to cover 13 square miles of the Pacific Ocean.