And The Award For Best Big-Assed Car Goes To...

The young pups over at Automobile have put together an interesting... looking... comparison, pitting the BMW 5-Series GT against the Porsche Panamera S. Who'll win? Nobody knows, but Sir Mix-A-Lot looks to come out on top either way. [Automobile] » 5/14/10 8:30am 5/14/10 8:30am

BMW 5-Series GT Pricing Starts At $64,725

We just received official pricing for the BMW 550i GT — you remember, the 5-Series GT — the car you're desperately trying to forget wears the little blue propeller on the hood? The 4.4-liter V8 model starts at $64,725. » 11/18/09 4:30pm 11/18/09 4:30pm

BMW 5-Series GT: First Press Photos Reveal Seriously Big Butt

BMW plans for boosting and lifting automotive rear ends continue with the BMW 5-Series GT. While we already saw the concept in Geneva, these are the first official shots of the production version, set to debut at September's Frankfurt Motor Show and go on sale in early 2010. » 5/21/09 9:45am 5/21/09 9:45am