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'The BMW 5-Series GT May Not Be The Most Pleasing To Look At'

Honestly, I can think of few recent cars as reviled as the 5-Series GT. Instead of giving us Americans the vaunted 5-Series Touring wagon, BMW brought us this bloated minivan-hatchback thing. Why do they hate us so much?


Okay, so it's goofy-looking. But is it all bad? Totally not, says John Davis, even if calls it "lumpy" at one point. This MotorWeek clip from a few years ago finds it to be a spacious, well-equipped, solid handling and relatively quick luxury machine.

In essence, it's a real 5-Series. Just not a pretty one.

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mkbruin, Atlas VP

I audited an attorney one time that had one. He drove us to lunch and I got a chance to talk to him about it.

He went to the dealership to buy a 3 series wagon. The dealership offered him this, a previous model year new car that had been on the lot a while, for less money than the 3 wagon. $20k off the sticker.

He didn't care what it looked like. It met his needs and was an insane deal.