Now That's What I Call Three Wheel Motion

The living legend diesel Mercedes station wagon drift team Black Smoke Racing doesn't need to hit any switches to go into three wheel motion. They just dip a wheel into the dirt and they're good to go. » 7/24/13 1:00pm 7/24/13 1:00pm

Smoking Burnout In Smoking Car While Smoking

Here's the diesel Mercedes wagon of Black Smoke Racing doing a smoky burnout, while the car smokes diesel soot, while the driver is smoking. » 6/19/13 1:00pm 6/19/13 1:00pm

A Year In Review For The Diesel Wagon Drifter

The drifting world is absolutely dominated by S-chassis Nissans and BMW E30s. Finnish drifter Teemu Peltola stands out with something a little different: a diesel-powered Mercedes station wagon. Here's a look back on his latest year in drifting. » 3/27/12 1:00pm 3/27/12 1:00pm

Building A Diesel-Powered Mercedes Station Wagon Drift Racer

Teemu Peltola is a Finnish drift racer. In his second competitive year he's built one of the most unique cars ever to enter the series, a diesel-powered 1981 Mercedes station wagon. He's also taken time to tell us about it. » 9/23/10 8:30am 9/23/10 8:30am