Two Jalopnik Friends Just Won Their Class At The Nurburgring 6 Hours

The Rotek Racing team, led by friend of Jalopnik Robb Holland, and joined by other friend of Jalopnik Bill Caswell, along with multiple VLN-series victor Danny Kubasik, just won their class at the Nurburgring 6 Hours in an SP8 Audi RS4. Congrats guys! » 4/06/14 5:06pm 4/06/14 5:06pm

How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers: Four Years Later

Four years ago today, Bill Caswell went on a crazy adventure that changed his life forever. It also changed this site as it was, at the time, one of our biggest stories ever. If you've never read it, or if it's been a while, check it out below. » 3/06/14 9:59am 3/06/14 9:59am

The Craziest Black Friday Deal You'll See

Our friend (and sometimes contributor) Bill Caswell has his own rally school Black Friday deal because that's the kind of human being Bill Caswell is. Click here for the details. » 12/04/13 5:40pm 12/04/13 5:40pm

Bill Caswell Tells You How To Have Awesome Automotive Adventures

Rally racer, sticker enthusiast, badass, and noted good guy Bill Caswell knows a thing or two about how to have fun with cars. Listen up folks, because he wants to share some of his proverbial special sauce with you. » 10/03/13 3:25pm 10/03/13 3:25pm

500 Horsepower Is An Appropriate Amount Of Power For A Subaru BRZ

Crawford Performance builds fast Subarus. That's what they do. So when the BRZ and its paltry 200 horsepower entered the shop, they blew it out to 500. Then they gave it to another man familiar with that number: $500 rally car ace Bill Caswell. This is what it can do on track. » 9/26/13 12:13pm 9/26/13 12:13pm

Ken Block To Headline Panel For Rally Film At Jalopnik Film Festival

The Jalopnik Film Festival is only 12 days away and I'm excited to announce the panel for the rally documentary Easier Said Than Done, which will include none other than rally driver and Hoonimus Maximus Ken Block talking rally with director Matt Johnson. » 9/06/13 2:08pm 9/06/13 2:08pm

How I Got Inside The Monaco Grand Prix's Most Ridiculous Party

The parties at the Monaco Grand Prix top every party in the world. But I had no idea what to expect. I should have expected an Indian fashion show. I met my idols. I got the cold shoulder from a dickish Jeremy Clarkson. This is what it's like inside Monaco's most ridiculous and glamorous F1 party. » 6/14/13 12:47pm 6/14/13 12:47pm

Bill Caswell just met Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Which one do you think is a better racer, and why is it Caswell every time? Also, I love the looks on their respective faces – whoever can annotate a caption on the photo the best wins nothing. » 6/08/13 3:52pm 6/08/13 3:52pm

Podcast: Build.Race.Podcast! with Bill Caswell

It's time for Episode 14 of the Hooniverse podcast. This time we're joined by special guest Bill Caswell. I don't need to tell you who that is, since this is Jalopnik and all... » 6/05/13 3:33pm 6/05/13 3:33pm

Why The 24 Hours Of The Nurburgring Is The Ultimate Proving Ground

There is nothing like the 24 hours of the Nürburgring. Some say Le Mans is the world's top endurance race, but for me it's the madness in the Eifel mountains known as the "Green Hell." I love this race because it's only for production cars and companies are free to develop whatever is needed to win. » 5/21/13 6:00pm 5/21/13 6:00pm

The $500 Craigslist Car Rally Mexico Guy At The /DRIVE Clubhouse

You already know Bill Caswell, whose $500 Craigslist Car Rally story is the second most popular post in Jalopnik history. » 5/03/13 2:33pm 5/03/13 2:33pm

Ask $500 Craigslist Rally Legend Bill Caswell Anything You Want

Three years ago, Bill Caswell entered the WRC Rally Mexico with a $500 BMW 318i that he bought off Craigslist. Not only did he finish, he finished third in his class. That earns you instant legend status and gets you a legion of fanboys. And now Bill is here for the next hour to answer any and all of your questions. » 4/26/13 11:31am 4/26/13 11:31am

The $500 Craigslist Rally Car Goes To School

Three years ago, Bill Caswell took a $500 Craigslist BMW to a WRC event in Mexico. He didn't suck, but he still needed work. We had America's largest rally school teach him how to do the sport right. » 4/23/13 2:14pm 4/23/13 2:14pm

Embracing The Shitty Road Trip

Have you ever been on a bad road trip? Like a really bad one? One where you say I am never doing that again? The trip that makes you think plane travel is not only convenient, but actually enjoyable? » 6/18/12 4:00pm 6/18/12 4:00pm

Why Watching A Race In Person Sucks And How To Fix It

Please welcome our latest contributor, Bill Caswell, he of the $500 Craigslist Rally Car (and the movie about it) and exciting adventures and even more exciting misadventures. Bill will be writing a weekly column for us about the world of cars as seen through his crazy eyes. — Ed. » 6/11/12 1:30pm 6/11/12 1:30pm

It's Bill Caswell's World, We Just Try And Hoon In It

You know Bill Caswell from such hits as How A $500 Craigslist Car Beat $400K Rally Racers, Bill Caswell, Jalopnik's $500 Craigslist rally car driver, inks movie contract, and $500 Craigslist Rally Car Goes To The Baja 1000. Now you can be in his head for 25 minutes. » 6/04/12 3:00pm 6/04/12 3:00pm

Bill Caswell Invades Mexico Again With Old BMW, Leaves Us Voice Mail

Monomaniacal life enthusiast and occasional rally driver Bill Caswell returns to the scene of his Rally Mexico triumph to once again astound the men (and make swoon the women) of Mexico in his beater BMW. It's been a typically Caswell-ian wild start. Here's the voice message Caswell just left me about it. » 3/08/12 3:30pm 3/08/12 3:30pm

Fictional Bill Caswell Attacked With Awesome Rotor-Bladed Axe

Jeremy Renner, the guy who's going to play Bill Caswell in an upcoming movie that started with a Jalopnik story by Sam Smith, was attacked in Thailand with an axe that had a blade made out of a friggin' rotor. » 1/05/12 10:20am 1/05/12 10:20am