Watch A Stadium Super Truck Roll Over In Slow Motion

Jose Maria Lopez's Stadium Super Truck wasn't as nimble as the touring car he's used to.
Lopez was racing today in the Race of Champions, where he took a nice, slow roll. The Race of Champions people were all over it, giving us an extended slow-mo replay of the roll from several different angles, including from… » 12/13/14 7:59pm 12/13/14 7:59pm

Ekstrom ROCks Schumacher in Head-to-Head Competition

It's Sweden versus Germany, DTM versus FIA and some guy you may not know versus the most famous man in racing. Two enter the ring. Only one walks out alive the winner. It's like Ingemar Johahnsson v. Floyd Patterson except with more spinouts and less historical significance. If you haven't guessed by now, it's… » 12/17/07 11:45am 12/17/07 11:45am

Ekstrom Bests Schumacher, Wins Race of Champions

Super Swede DTM racer Mattias Ekström defeated the apparently fallible Michael Schumacher in the finals at the Race of Champions, which took place at the new Wembley Stadium in England this weekend. It was a furious battle, with each picking up a win in the first two events. But Ekström, who won last year, built up a… » 12/17/07 10:15am 12/17/07 10:15am

ROCin' ya Face! Finns Win Race of Champions

Travis Pastrana had to forget about it and go it alone this year in the Race of Champions, as Jimmie Johnson and his last-minute replacement Scott Speed couldn't make the competition. The multi-disciplinary Pastrana put on a solid showing, as one might expect, but the day belonged to Finland. And when was the last… » 12/19/06 4:45pm 12/19/06 4:45pm