Dear America: You Suck For Not Buying These Amazing Cars In 2013

I've got a bone to pick with you, America. And this time it's not over the usual reasons like drone strikes, credit default swaps, various Kardashians, or how the breakfasts at IHOP don't look nearly as appetizing as the photos in the menus. It's over the cars you chose to buy in 2013. » 1/09/14 4:00pm 1/09/14 4:00pm

The Best Jalopnik Stories Of 2013

Now that you've seen our most popular stories from 2013 we thought you'd like to see the stories that are notable for reasons other than pleasing some sort of Facebook algorithm. This year had everything: Mormon scammers, European adventures, and Beetles both stolen and flipped. » 12/31/13 3:30pm 12/31/13 3:30pm

The Most Read Stories Of 2013

It's almost the end of the year, which means it's time we look back at our biggest and best stories. There's been drama, there's been crime, and there's been at least one story about releasing your bowels in a tiny private jet. Here are this year's most read stories. » 12/30/13 12:40pm 12/30/13 12:40pm

The Thirteen Craziest Racing Moments Of 2013

2013 was a great year for racing. We had a four-time world champion. The nicest guy in racing won the Indy 500. Some guy named Robby formed what is perhaps the best racing series of all time, and it's brand new. Oh, and a Frenchman Italian got slapped, hilariously. These are the craziest racing moments of 2013. » 12/28/13 1:07pm 12/28/13 1:07pm

What's The Most Important Car Of 2013?

While 2013 didn't herald a widespread shift to two-stroke rear-engine cars like your Jalopnik staff hoped it would, it ended up being a significant year for cars. New tech was introduced, old performance barriers were shattered, and the American car companies brought out their strongest products in decades. » 12/20/13 11:30am 12/20/13 11:30am

The Best And Worst Cars I've Driven This Year

This has been a banner year. Four Lamborghinis. Four Porsches. Three Corvettes. Two Aston Martins. Two Ferraris. A Viper. And the most spectacular Miata you can imagine. I never want to wake up from this coma that I'm clearly in. » 12/19/13 3:20pm 12/19/13 3:20pm

The Best And Worst Cars I've Driven This Year

There's really only one way to know if a certain car is worth your time and money: drive it. And this year, I got to drive a whole lot of cars. Some were incredible, some were boring, some were terrible, some were terrifying. I'm happy to say I didn't drive any of them off a cliff. Go me! » 12/17/13 6:30pm 12/17/13 6:30pm

The Best And Worst Cars I've Driven This Year

You may not have realized it, but today is the biggest betting day for Vegas bookmakers: The day I announce my Best and Worst Cars I've Driven this year. Fortunes will be made or broken today, pals, so I hope you bet well. This was a tricky year to pick from, since I drove so many interesting cars. » 12/16/13 4:00pm 12/16/13 4:00pm