The Great Debate Over What Formula 1 Should Be

As time moves onward and governments clamp down on combating climate change the debate over the Formula of Formula 1 will become more divisive as the manufacturers tied to the sport each clamor for different things. Let’s break down the debate so we as fans can start to agree on what we want from the future Formula 1. »7/23/15 9:04am7/23/15 9:04am

Meet The Racer-Turned-Getaway Driver That Bernie Ecclestone Hired

Roy "The Weasel" James could never get enough cash to keep his racing career alive, so the Formula 2 driver took a Hollywood-esque detour that had him as a wheelman in one of the largest heists in UK history. And when he was released from jail, Bernie Ecclestone hired him to make trophies. And it gets weirder. »1/29/15 10:25pm1/29/15 10:25pm

​Bernie Ecclestone Doesn't Care About You If You're Not Old And Rich

We all know Bernie Ecclestone is a money-grubbing, chauvinistic asshat, but the crusty supreme leader of F1 just upped his Mr. Burns quotient by 1,000 in a recent interview, pointing out that 15-year-olds don't buy Rolexes and comparing Marussia and Caterham to "ladies with credit cards." Then it gets worse. »11/14/14 2:40pm11/14/14 2:40pm

Of Course Bernie Ecclestone Is The Only One Cool With A Smaller F1 Grid

With Caterham and Marussia bowing out of the next two races due to financial struggles and other smaller teams becoming vocal about costs being an issue, Formula One overlord Bernie Ecclestone would like to let everyone know that he's fine with the idea of tiny, lame 14-car grids. I'm pretty sure he's the only one. »11/01/14 4:29pm11/01/14 4:29pm

F1 Primo Bernie Ecclestone's Daughter May Buy Old Disney Estate

The self-propelled goiter in glasses and a cheap Andy Warhol wig that was given the power of speech by a magical Amalfi-area sea hag that we know as "Bernie Ecclestone" has a pair of daughters, and one of those may buy the old Walt Disney Estate in Holmby Hills. That's the neighborhood the Playboy Mansion is in. »6/12/14 5:23pm6/12/14 5:23pm

MH370 Families Reportedly Kicked Out Of Hotel For Ferrari

Holding out hope against hope, the families of the missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are struggling every day to hear new information. Just trying to be optimistic is itself a daily battle. And now they've reportedly been kicked out of their hotel to make way for the Ferrari Formula One team. »3/22/14 11:20am3/22/14 11:20am