Bernie Ecclestone Thinks Donald Trump Would Make A Great U.S. President

We already knew that NASCAR had a Donald Trump problem, but now it looks as if Formula One does as well—or, at least, head honcho Bernie Ecclestone, whose views are questionable no matter the subject. Recently, Ecclestone shared with us all that he believes Trump would make a “fantastic” U.S. president.

It Took A Legendary Woman To Demolish Bernie Ecclestone's Dumb Sexist Comment

It’s almost a non-story when Formula One head troll Bernie Ecclestone makes an embarrassing, sexist comment lately. Unfortunately, racing legend Mario Andretti made some facepalm-worthy statements in agreement this time, too. Then three-time NHRA drag racing champion Shirley Muldowney put it all in perspective.

Hated F1 Elimination Qualifying System Produces Predictable Dumpster Fire

Today saw the widely unloved Formula One elimination qualifying system given a second chance at the Bahrain Grand Prix. However, the moderate dumpster fire that raged heading into the weekend intensified to a full roar, and no one seems to have the number for Bahrain International Circuit’s fire department.

Lewis Hamilton Gets Banned From Using Snapchat In F1 Paddock, Does It Anyway

Lewis Hamilton has a thing for using Snapchat. Formula One Management has a thing for protecting its incredibly exclusive broadcast rights. Those two things don’t mix well, and F1 head honcho Bernie Ecclestone put a personal ban on Hamilton’s Snapchat use in the paddock—which Hamilton broke that very day.

The Dumb Formula One Qualifying Format Teams Voted To Kill Is Back Anyway

If you needed a perfect illustration as to why the Grand Prix Drivers Association called Formula One out for its poor decision-making processes, here it is. The FIA put a tweaked version of the borked qualifying system up to a vote—not the system that the teams voted for—and thus, couldn’t get the agreement they…

Formula One's New Qualifying System Is Too Complicated For Formula One

Formula One’s new elimination-based method of qualifying isn’t just more complex for fans to follow, but it’s become a problem for the sport’s own operations as well. Communicating these 90-second eliminations to teams and fans is such a major undertaking that we won’t see it until at least the fifth race of the…

Future Of Austin's F1 Race Reportedly In Jeopardy After Texas Cuts Its Contribution

While this year’s rain-soaked United States Grand Prix was indeed a thrilling race, it was not a good weekend for the event itself or its venue, Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas. Horrendous weather meant F1 in Austin was “financially devastating” for COTA. Now the track has more bad news: Texas is reportedly…


Bernie Ecclestone Threatens To Sue Red Bull If They Quit Formula One

Crap excuse for a deranged mutant and head honcho of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone now says that it’s possible for Red Bull to be sued if they choose to depart from the sport, according to a report from The Independent. A contract Red Bull signed to participate in the sport until at least 2020 is at the heart of…

The Great Debate Over What Formula 1 Should Be

As time moves onward and governments clamp down on combating climate change the debate over the Formula of Formula 1 will become more divisive as the manufacturers tied to the sport each clamor for different things. Let’s break down the debate so we as fans can start to agree on what we want from the future Formula 1.