2009 Detroit Autorama: Dan Webb's Golden Submarine Debuts!

We've followed progress on Dan Webb's unfaithful recreation of Barney Oldfield's Golden Submarine the past three Autoramas, and it's paid off as his hand-formed mastery machine is now physically complete. » 3/09/09 10:00am 3/09/09 10:00am

Golden Submarine Sees Progress, Body Panels

We saw the beginnings of the recreation of Barney Oldfield's Golden Submarine last year, but at this years' 2008 Detroit Autorama, some very noticeable progress has been made on the car. As you can see, the incredibly detailed, lightweight frame has been worked out and sheetmetal work has begun on the sleek little… » 3/10/08 6:15pm 3/10/08 6:15pm

We All Live in a Golden Submarine: Barney Oldfield

The other day, we were talking to Boyd Coddington about how manufactured and groomed racing drivers are these days. Somewhat ironic, considering that Boyd is nearly single-handedly responsible for the saniztized hot rod trend over the last two decades. Nevertheless, when it comes to two-fisters (and yes, we may have… » 9/13/06 9:00am 9/13/06 9:00am