Autorama Blowout! A Golden Sub is Reborn

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"Hmm, that's a funny start to a hot rod."
"Why is it so narrow?"
"Is that a strange car or what?"

All quotes heard while in the company of the assembled gawkers. It is in fact the beginnings of an unfaithful reproduction of what's been known historically as "the golden submarine," a 1917-era streamliner built under the masterful watch of racing legend Harry Miller. This new hotness is the baby of Taylor and Dan Webb. Like the original, this one is a bit unorthodox in its construction. Custom fitted eccentric brakes from Buell, a nicely massaged Zetec powerplant from Ford and handsomely lightened components all around. The original car could throw down 136 hp and roll to the tune of 107.6 mph. Considering the stock Zetec puts down 130 hp, and the SVT goes to 170 ponies, I'd bet it'll be fast. Based on the historical pics (below) and the changes to the design that have already been made, I can't wait to see what it looks like next year.

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Just look at those tiny dimensions, it's going to be spectacular.

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