Marines Want A New Amphibious Assault Rig, What Should It Look Like?

The US Marine Corps is planning on picking up 500 to 800 new amphibious trucks in the next fiscal year, and will soon be accepting bids on new designs. » 4/03/14 1:41pm 4/03/14 1:41pm

BAE testing anti-ship high power microwave gun

Anti-ship laser weapons are so last week. The new hotness? BAE's high-powered microwave gun, which it says can shut down up to 30 small boats at a time. It can also instantly pop 600 bags of Orville Redenbacher. » 4/15/11 2:15pm 4/15/11 2:15pm

Jalopnik Drives Real Live Tank By Remote Control, Can Now Die Happy

Two years ago, we were given the chance to drive a remote-controlled tank. It was real. It was full-size. We can't stop thinking about it. Trust us: If you ever did this, it would haunt you, too. » 7/30/10 4:00pm 7/30/10 4:00pm

Meet Taranis, The Semi-Autonomous Stealth Unmanned Aircraft

BAE Systems today unveiled Taranis, an advanced stealth unmanned aircraft that can carry its deadly payload deep into enemy territory without a pilot. It can also think for itself. It's part awesome, part Cylon Raider » 7/12/10 2:30pm 7/12/10 2:30pm

The Hummer's Three High-Tech Replacements

The US Military's much-loved HMMWV ("Humvee") is soon to be put out to pasture, having outlived its use. Vying for its place are three contenders sporting better armor, smarter electronics and simpler mechanics. Here's a first look. » 6/04/10 4:00pm 6/04/10 4:00pm

Pentagon To Stop Buying Humvees, But The Replacements Are Awesome

Cue up Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road" because the Pentagon announced they're going to stop buying Humvees after this year. A quick look at two of the vehicles set to replace the venerable truck below. » 2/04/10 10:30am 2/04/10 10:30am

BAE Systems M-ATV Testing For Afghan Deployment

BAE Systems has developed a smaller and lighter off-roading version of their Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. It's undergoing testing right now at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, but we're ready to pony-up now. » 3/05/09 3:30pm 3/05/09 3:30pm

America, Truck Yeah! Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

Remember when we went into the current conflict abroad with, lets say, less than proper equipment for the guerrilla warfare situation our ground troops would find? Remember how the quick fix was to up-armor the existing Humvee's to protect the troops inside as best as could be managed? Well, this is a possible long… » 3/12/08 6:15pm 3/12/08 6:15pm

RG33L Mine Resistant Recovery and Maintenance Vehicle

It's not often you get to play around with giant prototype military tow trucks, but then again, you don't get to drive robotic tanks every day either. The RG33L MRRMV is a platform modified version of the now in theater MRAP, or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. Basically a big-ass truck with a V-shaped blast… » 3/12/08 4:45pm 3/12/08 4:45pm