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BAE Systems M-ATV Testing For Afghan Deployment

Illustration for article titled BAE Systems M-ATV Testing For Afghan Deployment

BAE Systems has developed a smaller and lighter off-roading version of their Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. It's undergoing testing right now at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, but we're ready to pony-up now.


The baby MRAP, or M-ATV, is a sort of mountain-goat version of BAE's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, mixed with characteristics of the bigger vehicles (RG33 MRAPs). It's designed for the tough terrain of Afghanistan's mountainous back-country and is a lot more capable when the road runs out. The M-ATV is equipped with a fully independent suspension, turbocharged V8 diesel, a powered weapons ring turret on the roof, the all-important blast-dispersing V-hull bottom, and what looks like a selection of infrared cameras — no word on those though, gotta keep some secrets.


We've submitted a brand new truck to the military for consideration in Afghanistan – it's the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle, or M-ATV. It's got the same level of protection as a regular MRAP, but a fraction of the weight, which gives it better off-road maneuverability in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Some of the specs:

* Commercial turbo charged V8 diesel engine
* Top speed of 80 mph
* Best-in-class fuel economy
* Fully independent suspension (offers better mobility than traditional MRAPs, which have straight axle systems)
* Can generate 20 kilowatts of exportable power for mission equipment

Plus, it looks pretty cool.

We agree, we're ready for a complete road test. Even better, we're ready for an off-road test. Can we take this thing to Baja? [Source: BAE Systems]

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Best in class fuel economy?? Wow. Because when you're running over terrorists in Afghana-wherever you're thinking about fuel economy.

Side note: That digital camo is hurting my eyes.