Obama Auto Task Force Lead Advisor Claims "Bankruptcy Is Not Our Goal"

In an interview today, Steven Rattner, lead advisor for President Obama's Auto Task Force, gave the first public statement about the group's mission when he said "bankruptcy is not our goal" for GM and Chrysler. » 3/16/09 1:30pm 3/16/09 1:30pm

ABC Detroit Affiliate Catches Obama's Task Force Driving Volt Mule

Channel 7 WXYZ, Detroit's ABC affiliate, managed to capture President Obama's auto task force driving the plug-in Chevy Volt mule during their visit to GM's suburban Detroit Technical Center today. » 3/10/09 12:10am 3/10/09 12:10am

Obama's Auto Task Force To Drive Chevy Volt Mule Tomorrow

President Obama's auto task force will drive a Chevy Volt test mule during a visit to GM's Technical Center in Detroit tomorrow to help decide if the company deserves more federal loans. [GM-Volt via AP] » 3/08/09 11:30pm 3/08/09 11:30pm

Obama's Auto Industry Task Force Drives Imports Like Everyone Else

Of the 10 members of President Obama's Auto Industry task force, only two are known to own American cars, two don't own a car, and at least one has a French car in the family. » 2/23/09 12:00pm 2/23/09 12:00pm