Obama's Auto Industry Task Force Drives Imports Like Everyone Else

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Of the 10 members of President Obama's Auto Industry task force, only two are known to own American cars, two don't own a car, and at least one has a French car in the family.

The majority of the task force, tasked with saving the auto industry, drives Hondas, Mazdas or Volvos. Many of the Honda vehicles are actually built in the US and both Mazda and Volvo are, technically, owned by Ford. Despite the rather bland choices, there are two revelations we couldn't help but appreciate as car fans:

1. Our Vice President owns a 1967 Corvette, which he probably puts few miles on given his love of Amtrak.


2. Diana Farrell, the deputy National Economic Council director, is currently without a car but her husband has a 1985 Peugeot 505 S, which we take to mean a Peugeot 505 Turbo S and not the crappy gas/diesel 505 S. If it's the S Turbo we're talking about a crazy gearhead. If it's an S we're talking about someone who doesn't want to part with an old car. Or maybe it is a base S with an SR20DET swap (we look for hope where we can find it).


Those with high-level cabinet positions don't drive themselves around, typically, so the cars they own are rather old. What this list tells us about the group is they're mostly like the rest of us in their car ownership.

As shown above, Hillary still loves America. Thanks to everyone for the tip!

[Photo: Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Source: Detroit News]