ABC Detroit Affiliate Catches Obama's Task Force Driving Volt Mule

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Channel 7 WXYZ, Detroit's ABC affiliate, managed to capture President Obama's auto task force driving the plug-in Chevy Volt mule during their visit to GM's suburban Detroit Technical Center today.

Click HERE to see the exclusive video from WXYZ's coverage of the event.

Not only did Obama's auto task force visit GM, but they also traveled down the street to Chrysler's Warren manufacturing plant. Both GM and Chrysler are begging asking for an additional $17.4 Billion in government loans, needing this money to survive throughout the coming months.


We're happy the Arizona Senator and Presidential hopeful, John McCain, isn't in charge based on his quote on CNBC today:

"I think the best thing that could probably happen to General Motors, in my view, is they go into Chapter 11. They reorganize, they renegotiate ... the union-management contracts and come out of it a stronger, better, leaner more competitive automotive industry."

Thanks, Senator McCain, for staying positive.

Both GM and Chrysler released statements regarding President Obama's auto task force visit which you can read below:

GM Statement:

"We were pleased to host the Task Force so they could experience firsthand the new products and technologies that are an integral part of GM's near- and long-term competitiveness. We look forward to continuing to support the efforts of the Task Force as they move quickly to address their critical tasks. We believe today's visit provided a constructive glimpse of GM people, their passion for their work, and the technology solutions that are behind the pages of our viability plan."


Chrysler Statement:

Chrysler was pleased to meet today with the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry here at our manufacturing plant in Warren, Michigan. Warren Truck Assembly Plant is home to 2,600 Chrysler employees and produces Dodge pickup trucks, including one of the company's best known products, the
Dodge Ram, winner of Car and Drivers' 2009 truck comparison.

We can confirm that on behalf of Chrysler LLC, the meeting was attended by Chairman and CEO Robert Nardelli, Vice Chairman and President Tom LaSorda, Vice Chairman and President Jim Press, and Chief Financial Officer Ron Kolka. In addition to meeting, the group toured the assembly plant and reviewed Chrysler current and future products, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

Beyond this, we are not commenting on the details of our meetings with the Presidential Task Force.

We're fully engaged with the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, the U.S. Treasury and the White House during this process of ensuring the industry's viability going forward. We look forward to continuing our dialogue.


We'll see in the coming weeks how this visit helps our struggling U.S. automakers. Cross your fingers.

[via WXYZ]

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From a Buick 6

Actually, I agree with McCain.

And despite voting for him, it's very rare that I say that.