The Aston Martin DB9 Will Be 13 Years Old When It Ends Production

Aston Martin's DB9 successor isn't supposed to start deliveries until 2017, Autocar reports. That means the current DB9 will be 13 years old when it ends production. » 6/24/14 2:38pm 6/24/14 2:38pm

The 2013 Aston Martin DB9 Is A More Powerful Yet Still Gentle Lover

A Bentley Continental GT will always be a fun drive, but it no longer immediately transfers class and elegance onto the driver. An Aston Martin DB9 always makes us think someone in a finely-tailored Savile Row suit is about to emerge from of the driver's seat. » 9/19/12 8:45am 9/19/12 8:45am

How not to sell a used Aston Martin DB9

This "immaculate" 2007 Aston Martin DB9 may have lost more than half its value to the depreciation monster, but we'd imagine the owner who's trying to sell it by placing a classified ad in a free daily newspaper in Washington, D.C. might be sort of, you know, doing it wrong. (Thanks to Robert for the tip!) » 8/19/11 2:30pm 8/19/11 2:30pm

Feds Want Millionaire Thief's Aston Martin DB9

Mark Phillips made millions in the world of high-tech start-ups, before being accused of stealing from the businesses he worked for to buy nice things, like an Aston Martin DB9, which the feds are now trying to impound. [SeattlePI] » 11/30/10 1:30pm 11/30/10 1:30pm

Girl Falls Out Window, Saved By $190,000 Aston Martin

A woman is alive tonight only by the grace of an Aston Martin. While partying with friends, Jade Bates fell out a second-story window onto her boyfriend's $190,000 DB9 — before he had time to move it. [DailyExpress] » 5/13/10 8:30am 5/13/10 8:30am

Half A Cutaway Aston Martin DB9 Is Twice As Sexy

Ever wondered what could possibly lie underneath an Aston Martin DB9's voluptuous bodywork capable of justifying the $186,450 price? Here's a gallery showing you the answer to your burning question. » 7/17/09 3:00pm 7/17/09 3:00pm

TeenTrackAttack Puts UK Teens In Ferraris, Lambos

Inspired by Top Gear and edge-worn Zonda posters, Britain's spoiled kids demand track time in Italy's finest cars. Enter the "TeenTrackAttack" experience, the greatest thing to happen to teens since sexting. » 7/09/09 2:30pm 7/09/09 2:30pm

M-Zero Concept Is A Multi-Father Bastard Child

What happens when you combine a BMW 6-series, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin DB9 and a hint of Audi R8? Well, you get the M-Zero, a conceptual design by Maël Oberkampf (and not officially BMW). It's supposed to represent a BMW "synthesis" between some of the luxury manufacturers out there, but it seems predominantly a… » 4/23/08 1:00pm 4/23/08 1:00pm

Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Aston Martin?

Say what you will about Kobe Bryant, you can't deny the guy has some serious jumping capability, or "mad hops" as they say. But can he really jump over an Aston Martin DB9 Volante? More importantly, did he actually jump over it, or was it all a slickly edited fake? We're skeptics, but what do you think?
[] » 4/11/08 10:20am 4/11/08 10:20am

Aston Martin DB9 Tuned By Mansory: Gorgeous or Gauche?

If you're worried that the sultry Aston Martin DBS has rendered your DB9 passé, maybe a jaunt to the German tuner Mansory is in order. Their latest super-duper upgrade package makes the already shockingly gorgeous DB9 even more ridiculously alluring. The company adds carbon fiber and alcantara, milled 20" wheels, a… » 1/29/08 2:30pm 1/29/08 2:30pm