You Didn't Realize You Needed A Triple-Turbo Diesel BMW Z4 Until Now

AC Schnitzer's goal of making bad decisions into a viable business model consistently delivers. The latest bit of evidence is this BMW Z4 with the M50d's diesel shoved into the nose and tuned to put out 620 lb-ft of torque. That should do. » 3/18/15 7:20pm 3/18/15 7:20pm

Tuner drops diesel into BMW Z4 for 63 mpg sports car

Conundrum alert gearheads! Does your lust for diesel outweigh your desire for speed? Is a sexy BMW drop-top more or less sexy when you drop in a more powerful motor for a top-o-the-line diesel fourbanger? Would you rock AC Shnitzer's 99d concept car? » 3/30/11 10:00am 3/30/11 10:00am

Germans Test Best Cars For A Bank Robbery

GRiP Magazine decided to test three cars (Challenger SRT8, Techart Magnum, MTM TT-RS) against a Schnitzer-tuned BMW 123d police car by robbing a bank three times. We're certain this is fake, but you never know mit ze Germans. » 8/31/10 9:00am 8/31/10 9:00am

Achtung Baby! AC Schnitzer BMW 123d Tuned For Cops

The death of the Lamborghini Gallardo Italian police car means there's room on this Earth for another boutique-built cruiser, enter the AC Schnitzer ACS1 2.3d, a BMW 123d tuned for police duty. Yes, there's an obnoxious spoiler on the back. » 11/30/09 12:30pm 11/30/09 12:30pm

AC Schnitzer Tunes BMW Z4 For Speed-Obsessed Hairdressers

AC Schnitzer has plied its tuning skills on the latest iteration of the BMW Z4 and produced a car with more aggressive styling and a most welcomed 54 more horses. It'll look great sitting outside the spa. » 9/18/09 1:00pm 9/18/09 1:00pm

AC Schnitzer Tweaks Mini Cooper S Convertible

German tuner AC Schnitzer has plied its craft upon the Mini Cooper S Convertible, adding fender flares, more "powah," a limited-slip differential and adjustable suspension. Basically it's a JCW Mini in extravagant duds. » 6/05/09 3:00pm 6/05/09 3:00pm

AC Schnitzer Digital Shift Knob Is Happy To See You

AC Schnitzer » 9/12/08 10:00am 9/12/08 10:00am has announced the availability of a new shift knob with a digital gear readout, available for all BMW and Mini models. We're announcing this knob's got a certain phallic sensibility. Aside from the obvious nonsense of a digital readout on a shifter which only your palm can see, something about the shape…

AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Proves You Can Make The X6 Look Worse

The tuners and tunettes at AC Schnitzer have turned their wrenches toward the 2009 BMW X6, BMW's unique Sports Activity Coupe. When we reviewed the Bimmer, making it look stranger with visual tweaks wasn't high on the list of things we were hoping someone would change. That didn't seem to deter AC Schnitzer, who added… » 7/28/08 12:00pm 7/28/08 12:00pm

AC Schnitzer Takes On The 1-Series With The ACS1 3.5i

The tuners of all things BMW and Land Rover have taken on the new BMW 1-series coupé with what they're calling the ACS1 3.5i. AC Schnitzer's tunage is highlighted by — a "Turbo logo on the front spoiler." OK, they've done much more than that, but that's what the release starts out with so we couldn't just leave it… » 11/29/07 8:00am 11/29/07 8:00am

AC Schnitzer R56 Mini Cooper

This isn't the first Mini cooper BMW tuning shop AC Schnitzer's rolled athwart the tarmac, it's just the latest. Welcome the R56, a cosmetics and performance package created specifically for the latest, twin-scroll turbocharged Mini S, which produces 170 hp from the factory. Under ACS's tutelage, the Mini will see a… » 7/17/07 1:30pm 7/17/07 1:30pm

Car Hack's Notebook: Reporting from the Essen Show, Day Three

Most people would be more than satisfied with the fast-as-amphetamines Porsche Carrera GT, which is famous for knife-edge handling and a capacity to test even the best driver. But apparently not everyone is so easily pleased, as Gemballa has now seen fit to strap two turbochargers to the Carrera's engine to create… » 12/06/06 2:14pm 12/06/06 2:14pm

World's Fastest Fish: AC Schnitzer's BMW Tension Breaks BMW Speed Record

AC Schnitzer's Tension concept hit 206 mph on the Nardo test track in Southern Italy, stopping far short of schooling the Brabus Rocket Mercedes CLS, which peaked at 227 mph during the same AutoBild magazine showdown. But it's enough for the AC boys to call their creation the world's fastest street-legal production… » 11/28/06 12:30pm 11/28/06 12:30pm

AC Schnitzer's New BMW Coupe, Roadster

AC Schnitzer, as part of its press prep for Germany's Essen show, revealed a new tuning package for the BMW M Roadster and Coupe. The Z4Ms have been accessorizied to within an inch of their lives, with compatible kitting that include carbon aerodynamic add-ons, a 3.91 : 1 axle ratio (compared to the standard 3.62 :… » 11/24/06 9:59am 11/24/06 9:59am

AC Schnitzer's Twin-Turbo BMW E92 to Debut at Essen Show

The Bayerische tweakers at AC Schnitzer released pics of their new, twin-turbo BMW E92 3-Series coupe, ahead of its unveiling at the Essen show next month. A shot of the tuner 335i leaked out last week, sending those who fancy such beasts into a tailspin of anticipation. But the pics are just a tease; the company… » 11/24/06 7:29am 11/24/06 7:29am

Do Not Front on My Brabus, Nor Should You Front upon Mein Bruce: Claus…

We like Claus Ettenberger, a man who can rock a Hugo Boss cap without irony, and will complete a cross-country rally as fast as possible simply to have time to shower, say hello to his family and then head up to Ventura to play fu ball. As an official installer of all things Brabus and AC Schnitzer, not to mention… » 11/22/06 9:30pm 11/22/06 9:30pm

AC Schnitzer's New BMW 3-Series on the Way

A photo of of tuning shop AC Schnitzer's latest BMW tweaker slammed into the internets today, offering a preview of the company's plans for the 335i turbo. There's no real info on the coming tuner, but we suspect it'll have the same suspension tweaks designed for the E90 (antiroll bar kit, plus stiffer strut brace… » 11/14/06 1:59pm 11/14/06 1:59pm

Apply Directly to the Forehead: AC Schnitzer's Street Tension

Last year at the Frankfurt show, BMW tuning house AC Schnitzer unveiled a radical take on the 6-Series that seemed spectacularly over-flamboyant to have been created by a bunch of German guys. It was called the Tension, and it divided the Frankfurt into two camps, the delighted and the disgusted. But it was just a… » 9/19/06 10:00am 9/19/06 10:00am

Last Night Everything Broke/Dietrich Ate My Homework: Jalopnik/TTAC's…

So what happens when two punk rockin' autojournalists attempt to make an attempt to retrace the route of Stefan and "Dietrich" in an AC Schnitzer-tuned 6-Series droptop while cranking Jawbreaker's Bivouac album? The front fascia decides to take a dirt-nap as a result of aerodynamic pressure at 70mph (approximately 90… » 5/01/06 10:14pm 5/01/06 10:14pm

AC Schnitzer Does the BMW M6

After allowing its team of designers and engineers to toke on a nuclear-powered crack pipe, which produced the Tension concept — unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show last year — someone at BMW tuning house AC Schnitzer grabbed the freaky knob and dialed it back to a more acceptable factor. The result is the ACS6… » 1/24/06 11:44am 1/24/06 11:44am