AC Schnitzer's New BMW Coupe, Roadster

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AC Schnitzer, as part of its press prep for Germany's Essen show, revealed a new tuning package for the BMW M Roadster and Coupe. The Z4Ms have been accessorizied to within an inch of their lives, with compatible kitting that include carbon aerodynamic add-ons, a 3.91 : 1 axle ratio (compared to the standard 3.62 : 1), undisclosed suspension tweaks, stainless-steel tailpipe (natch) and a range of available ACS alloy wheels. Other interior and exterior cosmetic trimmings include grillework and interior fittings like shift knob and carbon-fiber accents. Model-specific parts include a clear-glass wind deflector and two-piece rear wing for the roadster, and three-piece rear wing for the coupe. No engine mods this go-round, but the company says the change in axle ratio is enough to make the cars feel ever so much more spry.


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